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Powerful Prayers

Prayer of the Virgin of Guadalupe to for the Love

Mother Our, Our Lady of Guadalupe:
In your name we have united our hearts.
We want you to hold our love;
That you defend, preserve and increase our illusion.
Get out of our way
Any obstacle
That causes the shadow to be born
Or the doubts between the two.
Remove us from selfishness
Which paralyzes true love.
Free us from the danger that puts danger
The grace of our souls.
Do that, opening our hearts,
We deserve the wonder
To find God in each other.
Make our work
Be help and encouragement
To achieve us fully.
It preserves the health of our bodies.
Meet our material needs.
And make the dream of a new home
And of children,
Born of our love and of the body,
Be reality and path
That leads us right to your Heart.
Specify the request and pray the Salve,
Three Our Father, three Hail Marys and three Glories.