Who are you, Lord? (Prayer of San Francisco Solano)

Who are you, Lord? (Prayer of San Francisco Solano)

The mantle of stars looks heaven
in the quiet and serene night;
when everyone is resting and sleeping,
Fray Francisco Absorto is sailing.

And his eyes, to the sky high,
they are a prayer of love and of surrender,
and his voice, a whisper of prayers,
turned into sweet poems.

“Who are You, my Lord and my God!
Who am I, vile worm on earth! … “
And so the hours go by flying,
and Francisco, ecstatic, dreams:

He is herald of the King of glory,
and Lady Poverty is its owner!
They no longer count pain or joy,
sufferings and happiness do not count.

Let us give glory to the uncreated God,
Triune and One in people and essence,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
praises and eternal glories. Amen.


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