Prayer for blessing for you in this month

"Cry out to me, and I will answer you and reveal to you great and inaccessible things that you do not know".

Jeremiah 33.3


Read Out This Prayer


We cry to you, Lord, on this day that you have created with your love.

That your children wait for you, one more month of life.

Time to receive your blessing.

We ask you King Eternal, Lord of Heaven,

What miracles and wonders happen,

And change our situation;

Let our struggles end,

May we be free from what peace takes away,

Of what attacks us with sadness.

Let the cruel burden be removed from our shoulders

That our faults and our mistakes have caused;

May your powerful blood cleanse our sins

And that we see and create each day in victory

Of your death, in the triumph of your resurrection.

And that power that lifts the fallen and provides for the needy

Come and fill us with life, love, joy, joy.

And that our home, our family, our work

Be inundated with the presence of your wonderful love.

Thank you Christ, thank you ... with my humble heart,

With my soul kneeling, with tears on my cheeks;

For your love, I thank you.

I believe in you, I confided to you, thank you ...