Aphrodite's love spell

Aphrodite's love spell: You need: 2 consecrated small red candles, 2 consecrated small white candles, 1 Aphrodite oil, incense or Aphrodite incense, 1 bag of Aphrodite herbs, 1 red heart paper figure. It must be done after the fall of the sun, in a quiet and lonely place. First take two red candles and two small white candles, pass the oil of Aphrodite to the four candles and light them as follows: first a red one thinking of attracting the loved one to one, then a white one thinking that this love is true, then another red thinking of attracting the loved one and then the white thinking that that love is the true one. Second: take a saphume of Aphrodite and turn it on by concentrating on the powerful force of love and goddess. Third take the bag of herbs and sprinkle it inside with the oil of Aphrodite. Fourth: take the red heart and write on it: "Aphrodite goddess of love, send me true love." Fifth: put the heart inside the bag of herbs and oil and leave it near the candles until they are consumed. Sixth: keep the bag in a safe place for 30 days. Then bury her Repeat the spell at 60 and 90 days.