powerful prayers during

powerful prayers during fasting Loving

Loving Father, today I have decided to fast.
I remember his prophets fasting,
that Jesus our Lord fasted,
And so did his disciples.

The Blessed Virgin also fasted
And now he invites me to do it.

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Eternal Father, I offer you this fast day.
That through him I can be closer to you,
show me your ways and open your eyes
to recognize your many gifts.

May my heart overflow with love towards you and my neighbor.

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Lord, may this fast make me grow in understanding
towards the hungry, the dispossessed, the poor.

Make me see my possessions as pilgrimage gifts
that must be shared.
Give me also the grace of humility
and the strength to do your will.

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Lord, may this fast cleanse me of bad habits,
calm my passions and increase your virtues in me.

And you, my Mother, obtain for me the grace to fast with joy, to
May my heart sing with you
a song of thanksgiving.

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I put in your hands my decision to fast firmly.
Teach me, through fasting, to be more and more
like your Son Jesus Christ, through the Holy Spirit.

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