prayers for financial

powerful prayers for marriage

 prayers for marriage

Lord my God, my father and my creator,

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I come to you today to ask for all marriages,

Especially for those who are going through difficulties,

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So that you are the one who always lives in your hearts,

So that we learn that as a couple and under your blessing,

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We can find the solution to our problems

Help us to always keep in mind,

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That we love that person we choose someday,

That despite the difficulties you give us strength to fight,

Do not let mistrust and arguments take over our home,

Help us to know how to communicate and give encouragement in times of difficulty,

Help us to respect each other and to tolerate each one of our defects,

Spread your love to us.

Lord, merciful Father, God and only Savior,

Bless our marriage,

Take away everything that separates you from you,

Remove the enemy,

May we not be tempted to fall into sin,

And if we fall, help us up,

Oh our Father,

Show us the way we must go,

Enlighten us and we become good people,

Let us abandon the old man full of evil,

And let us be the new men full of kindness,

We beg you,


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