prayer to san Miguel Arcángel

prayer to san Miguel Arcángel to ward off evil spirits

prayer to san Miguel Arcángel to ward off evil spirits



Oh glorious archangel Saint Michael

You who are closest to the deity

You who are the most powerful defender of the heavenly host

Symbol of the struggle and the glorious victory over evil

Divine Archangel Michael, you who are pure and perfect

Help us to remain strong in the face of any adversity

Help us also to find our inner light

Guide us and protect us in our walk

And with your great courage, keep us from all evil

Today blessed Archangel Michael

We ask you to help us straighten our paths

To separate us from the sin that separates us from the path of God

And instead, put love as doing, to seek to be like him

I ask you divine archangel Michael

That in union with your cherubs and seraphim

You defend us as the brave warrior you are

Of the assaults and suggestions, of the temptations and incitements of the enemy

Pour out on us your courage, and your humility

So that we are also able to resist in the face of adversity

I beg you Archangel Michael

Let us never allow ourselves to be enslaved or subdued

By the hosts of evil

By tyranny, abuse, and injustices

Nor for sorcery and witchcraft

You that you can divine everything, Archangel Michael

Grant us the domain of our own being

May we master our senses, and amend bad deeds

In conjunction with dominations

Always keep our faith, to obtain more wisdom and prudence

In union with the four powers, it meets all our needs

And put a bit of your generosity in us

To help our neighbor

In union with the virtues
Keep us from all our adversaries

Of the false friends, of the bad testimonies

Of the viperine languages, of injustices, and envies

Cover us also with humiliations and humiliations

Of the intrigues and resentments that bad people usually have

Divine Archangel Michael, cleanse our path of

Perverts and depraved, aggressors and vicious

Do not let misfortune overtake us, and misfortunes

And no harm that the enemy wants to use

To torment our lives

In union with the principalities

Grant us the desire to cleanse ourselves of any disease

Be it bodily, or mental, and above all spiritual

In union with your 6 archangels

Help us to be a living witness of our Lord Jesus Christ

Striving to lead a pure life, in the way of God

And may our testimony go before us, so that we can help others

In union with the angels protect us in this life

And accompany us also in our agony

So that when our time arrives

You lead us to heaven

So be it.

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