Prayer to Saint Helena of Jerusalem to despair a Man

Glorious Saint Helena, Glorious Saint Helena, Glorious Saint Helena, daughter of the Queen of Jerusalem. You went to Jerusalem, you brought three nails, you consecrated the first one, and you threw it out to sea on Tuesday; the second you gave it to your brother Cipriano, so that in battle he would win beforehand. And […]

Prayer to forget a Love that has Hurt you

I decide to forget, to leave behind, to that person who has been the object of my affections. This stage of my life is over, one cycle ends and another begins. I welcome what life brings me, here and now, since the here and now is all that I actually have. I leave the past […]

Prayer to St. Michael and the Guardian Angel to ask for Protection

My guardian angel, my defender and watchman, pure spirit under whose protection the Lord put me, you who have always had a close union with me, consent now to protect me every day from accidents, hidden ambushes, and demonic attacks, asking if it were necessary the help of other angels to help you to that […]

Prayer to the Virgin of Pompeii

“O Virgin and Queen of the Holy Rosary, you who are the daughter of the heavenly Father, the mother of the Son of God, you who can do everything before the Holy Trinity, implore this favor, which is so necessary to me, provided it is not an obstacle to my eternal salvation (here the favor […]


Father God: Clement and loving God, I beg you May you bless my family and me with abundance. I know that you you recognize that my family is more than just a mother and a father, sister and brother, husband and wife, but all those who believe and trust in You. I send you a […]

Powerful Prayers to Combat Spiritual Warfare

# 1 Holy heavenly father; Lord and creator of the entire universe; Faithful guardian of the true word. Today, prostrate before you, and with conviction From a good devotee to your figure; I implore with mercy that this prayer be heard And free me from everything that now surrounds my mind And it keeps me […]

Prayer for immigrants

Prayer for immigrants Father of love and mercy, you provided your people Israel in their exodus from slavery the promised land that you established for them, and in Jesus Christ you provide a welcoming refuge for all those in need. We ask for your divine protection for all migrants who have left their homes in […]


LORD MY JESUS CHRIST     My Lord, Jesus Christ, God and true Man, Creator, Father and Redeemer of mine, Because you are who you are and because I love you above all things, it is with all my heart that I have offended you; I firmly propose never to sin again, get away from […]

Lord I and sin

Lord I and sin I confess before Almighty God, and before you brothers that I have sinned a lot of thought, word, deed and omission. Because of me, because of me, because of my great fault. That is why I pray to Mary, always Virgin, to the angels, to the saints and to you brothers, […]


PRAYER TO ASK FOR MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL HEALTH (For people suffering from depression, anguish, anxiety, stress, great worries, panic attacks, mental and emotional illnesses, victims of traumatic abuse, nervous diseases, etc.) Then he touched their eyes, saying: “Let it be done to you according to your faith.” Matthew 9:29 Saint John of God, that by […]