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Powerful Prayers

powerful prayers of protection against witchcraft

Holy and blessed Mother, come to me!
Inverrotable warrior against Satan and all scum of hell
who wants to lash out at me to attack me and defeat me.

Warrior praise,
warrior with all his legion of heavenly angels,
tireless warrior, guided by the Holy Spirit.
Elevated by the Holy Trinity
until the throne of victory against all evil.

Holy and blessed Mother, come to me!
Majestic lady and mother of the world,
Come fight with me a hard fight,
Without you, I feel disarmed and without strength.

Be my support, virgin and queen of heaven,
watch as they hurt me, they stalk me
and they surpass the things that inhabit the universe.
Protect me from myself, from my temptations to sin,
to fall into the hands of the devil and be guided by his melodious voice.

Fight by my side! majestic Virgin, glorious and beloved Virgin.
Situate yourself in every corner and side of my home,
of my job, of my prayer and education center,
wherever I go, protect me, be you my wall, my tank, my protection.
Defend my soul and my body, curl up and surround me
with your blessed rosary and fighter vigourous.

In the name of Jesus.