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Powerful Prayers

Prayer of Saint Alejo to Drive Spells, Enemies, Envy, Bad Languages

Here I leave you a prayer to ward off evil from their homes and to be in peace and tranquility.

prayers  to sait alejo

Oh, glorious Saint Alejo!
Holy blessed,
That inspired by the Lord
You moved away from family life,
And knew to give up everything
To live alone and begging.
Saint Alejo blessed
You who have the power to drive away
All the evil that surrounds the servants of the Lord,
I beg you to protect me and defend
And give me energy, strength and courage … Kindred Saint Alejo,
You who found favor before Mary,
Today I need your help
Do not leave me abandoned
With all humility I beg you
That keep the enemy and evil from my side.
Get away from Satan,
The liar, the ruin and the treacherous,
Of curses, of evil eyes and of evil tongues,
The traitor, the slanderer and the malicious,
Keep me from everyone who wants
To see me surrendered and sunk.
Get away from envy,
Of evil and injustice,
Keep me from jealousy and resentment,
Of rejection and loneliness,
Hide me where you can not find me
Those who want to cause my doom.
O Glorious Saint Alejo!
Called “the Man of God”
Come to Jesus and Mary,
So that with His Divine Kindness
Cover me with all your goods,
To be guided and delivered
Of all spiritual and earthly evil,
And help me get
The grace that humbly
Today I am asking you:
(Make the request)
Saint Alejo blessed:
By the Blessed Virgin Mary,
For his beloved Son Jesus Christ
And by the grace of the Holy Spirit,
have mercy on me
And do not neglect my request. Amen.
Pray three Our Fathers,
Three Hail Marys and three Glories.
Praying and praying several times a day
Until the results are noticed.

In the name of the father, of the son, of the Holy Spirit, amen.

Saint Alejo blessed that you drive away people who do not suit my life, I ask you today to allow your protection to me and my family, that through you you can ask our Lord God for his blessing for all of us.

Surround me and my family with people who are under your condition and your parameters, people who want to get closer to you day by day and who do not think of any evil or hold envy or resentment in their hearts.

Saint Alejo, I ask you to make blind, deaf and dumb every soul that does not yearn for the good for me or for those around me.

Lower the guard of any heart that is around me and fill it with love when it comes to approach me or anyone in my family so that we are not surrounded by any kind of inconvenience, bad desire or resentment.

Holy God, you who are the owner of all the souls and hearts that are in this world, put them down when they are near me and make every bad desire in your presence become a blessing.

Through your intersection, Saint Alejo Blessed, ask God for my protection and that of all those around me, to cover us with his mantle and love.

Keep me away from the enemy, the liar, the traitor, the weeds, the magic or anyone who has bad energy to go in your direction.

Keep me away from anyone who wants to see me surrendered or sunk, Saint of my devotion.

In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.