Prayer Chain

Prayer Chain

A prayer chain is a way to share prayer requests and commitments with other people.

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Pilar prayer request from Lima. Peru
Good afternoon, I ask the Lord of the Milagros, the most holy virgin and you brothers a chain of prayer for my health that is in danger, I know that God is almighty and with faith all can be achieved. I ask God with all my strength only he knows the suffering of each person. Saname sir. I am willing to be your servant for life. Thank you.
(07/24/2018 for 15 days)

MAURA OJEDA prayer request from SAN SALVADOR
I ask for my son, marlon alexander mejia, to improve the relationship between him and the father who has seen him grow up, not to leave him out of the house, for his father to feel the love and affection of his son to help me pray
(07/24/2018 for 1 day)

Prayer request for pearl rubi de Jesus from Cancun Mexico
Lord, thank you all, I ask you for the intercession of Holy Mary and Saint Faustina the grace of perseverance in your love to the end. Encourage and protect the vocation of our children Give them generosity and courage to live it holy Increase our faith Unite our will to yours Illuminate our intelligence Give us wisdom to make good decisions and Fire in our hearts love you and your neighbor By Chalito Lizet Orlando Malena Rodri Take away from us all situations and / or person that separates us from you Protect us from falling into temptations against purity and chastity I put in your hands, our work, commitments and needs, as well as our families, workers, friends, apostolates, Church, Jesus Christ, our Lord, Jesus in you, I trust you. Amen
(07/24/2018 for 99 days)

Prayer request from luisa from Argentina
sir jesus I pray for the recovery of mirian thanks porra puma depression that moves away from ellla so that ariel get a good job here in Buenos Aires thanks for all the unemployed who want to work that bread of peace and joy for him get thanks now always love

(07/24/2018 for 24 days)

Prayer request from clourt from dll
JESUS ​​saint I ask you this week to go very well to my mom in her local and sell a lot of clothes and I ask you to do super well in my work and that I am a very good man and can help many people and that I always go on the right path and forgive all my sins of my life and that I and all my family win eternal life and that I have a lot of real money and that the good always triumph love
(07/24/2018 for 38 days)

Prayer request from Carmen Bustamante from Denver
My God, I beg you for my son, Carlos, to come back on September 2. In 2018 I also ask for my son Eduardo and my husband Aureluo to fix their papers for the health of my mother and my grandchildren my son Julio blessed us as a family and that we do not lack health and work also that michel pays my husband is the sustenti of us gracuas senir Amen
(07/24/2018 for 7 days)

Prayer request from Aurelio Garcia from Denver
Today my father I ask you for my hojp carlos that you enjoy the miracle of having it soon in our house and with your family and for my hojo Eduardo that has his residence and that in my court everything goes well for my AMÉN
(07/23/2018 for 7 days)

Intercessor prayer request from -
Pray urgently for the spiritual, mental and bodily life of Mrs. Leticia Guevara U.

Thank you.
(07/23/2018 for 8 days)

Prayer request from Maria Jose from Spain
My God I ask you to help me to be better of my illness that does not have the symptoms that do not tire me help me to breathe better listen to me and help me
(07/23/2018 for 20 days)

Miryam prayer request from Barranquilla Colombia
I thank God for everything you give me every day.
I am praying for a job for my son, Carlos Alberto. He is a professional in graphic design. I want you to find that job he desires.
Lord, help him so that he can get ahead with his teaching, since he is a very good son and is very hardworking and very responsible.
Sir, I hope that help AMEN.
(07/23/2018 for 23 days)