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There are infinities of spells to tame and dominate a person, however, not all of them can be effective, this time we are going to talk about the shoe spell do not stop reading the post and you will discover how powerful and effective this spell is for what you want.

shoe spell

Shoe spell

The shoe spell to dominate and tame is the most effective to dominate and tame the person you love, since you use your feet to step on that person and in this way tame them and conquer that person you want to always have by your side. The shoe spell can also be mentioned with the paper spell and its main function is to control someone this type of spell can be used to dominate and tame both a woman and a man respectively and you should always visualize what you want To achieve that is to have this person at your disposal totally at your disposal and you will see how it will take effect.

This type of spell is very popular for its effectiveness and that they are not only used so that that person we want to fall madly in love and I came swearing eternal love, they are also used so that our partner who left our side for some reason returns repentant / repentant asking for forgiveness on his knees with all sincerity and repentance. Spells performed with shoes, in addition to being very effective, are characterized by being extremely easy to perform, eye this does not mean that because they are simple to perform they are not effective, but rather here lies their popularity in their simplicity and effectiveness, as well as in their great power to achieve what you want.

Those who perform this type of ritual will have the power to dominate and tame the person they want to have by their side, since what you want and long for will come true and the best thing that can happen to you is that that person will have no idea that he will be under the effect of some kind of spell since the unbridled love that he will begin to feel towards you will be very pure and true and that being dominated / dominated by you will not have eyes for anyone else in this world.

It is very important that before performing these rituals you must be very clear about what you want to obtain and that through it what is requested are realistic things, that is, you cannot want to ask that a person you do not know falls in love with you if you do not know of your existence.

Now we are going to describe below the materials and the step by step of a spell with a shoe to achieve domination and tame a person, we must bear in mind that the effectiveness of these spells is in following to the letter each of the steps that They are going to be indicated here and you will see that sooner than you expect that person comes to you.

shoe spell

The materials to use

  • Paper sheet
  • A pencil
  • Thyme
  • Shoes you wear every day

Step by Step

This ritual to master using the shoe is very simple and effective, you only need to do everything correctly and you will see how effective it is and best of all, you will only spend a few minutes to do it. To begin with this ritual, the first thing you should do is take the pencil and the paper and here proceed to write the name of that person you want to dominate 9 times you must write them one below the other.

After you have the name written on the paper the 9 times you are going to take the thyme and you are going to place it inside the paper and you are going to proceed to fold the paper in half and glue it so that the thyme that was placed before does not throw away.

Once these steps are carried out, you will take the left shoe and there you will place the paper and you must have it for 7 consecutive days inside the shoe, while you are walking you will visualize what you want with that person, you will see that with the step Of the days the acrimony of that person in reference to you will begin to change to the point of having it dominated.

Spell of the shoe to find me

The spells with shoes are many and have several functions, but in general these spells are used for; fall in love with someone else, to dominate and also tame, most rituals are very different from each other, but they have the same specific purpose, which is to achieve complete domination of a person, then we are going to explain the step by step of This spell that is to be able to dominate a person and that he returns to you as soon as possible, pay close attention:

The materials to use

  • Shoes I no longer wear
  • Cinnamon
  • Parchment paper
  • Black Pencil

Step by Step

Although this ritual may be a little more complex than the previous one, they are also very simple to perform and in a few minutes it will be ready, you just have to follow the instructions to the letter and everything will work out perfectly.

To start with this spell, the first thing you should do is take the parchment and proceed to write clearly and legibly the name of that person you want to return to you 11 times and this you must do on both sides of the parchment respectively.

shoe spell

Once you have written the name 11 times on both sides, you will proceed to fold the paper 7 times, and each time you are making a double on the paper you will repeat the following phrase clearly and safely “I ask you to return my love.”

Once you have the paper with the 7 doubles you will proceed to take the shoe from the left foot and place the paper inside it, once you have the paper inside the shoe you will place it and hit three jumps and each time that you take a jump you will go saying the following: “I ask you to come back my beloved.”

To finish with this spell, you will go to the areas where you went together with this person and you will always carry the paper inside your shoe and at all times in your mind you will have the happy ones that they will do once this person reaches you side imploring forgiveness and wanting to make a new life together and that this time is forever. You will see how in a few days everything will begin to take its course since with this spell of the shoe that loved person will return to your side.

Photo Shoe Spell

This spell that we are going to describe next has as its main objective is to totally surrender to your feet both that person you want to fall in love with, as well as to recover a person who left your side and you want him to return with you, pay close attention to each one of the instructions that we are going to specify and you will see how effective it is since with a spell of the shoe you can dominate even your boss.

The materials to use

  • Shoes
  • Photo of the person to dominate
  • Rose petals
  • Laurel
  • White pencil
  • Pink Paper

Step by Step

To begin with this spell, the first thing we are going to do is take the pink paper and with a clear and legible hand we are going to proceed to write the full name of the person we love and we are also going to write their date of birth.
Then you are going to take the shoe of the left foot and inside it we are going to proceed to place all the rose petals inside and we are also going to place the laurel respectively inside it.

You are going to take the photo of the loved one that you want to dominate and you are going to place it in front of you, and again you are going to take the pink paper and now you are going to proceed to write 5 reasons why that person should surrender to you.

Once you have it ready, you will fold this paper into 8 parts respectively and with your shoe full of petals you will put the paper inside it and then you will place another bit of laurel on top of it, then you will place the shoe in front of the photo of that person you want to dominate, it should be noted that this spell must be performed in the full place phase since once the steps indicated above are ready, the photo and the shoe must be left during a full moon night and during that night, That same night you will see the positive effects of this spell of the shoe with a photo and how that person will prostrate before you.

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