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Powerful Prayers

The Hidden Power Of The Triangle

Does the shape of the taingle intrigue you?

Does the Triange have a hidden power?

In this article, you will learn more about the hidden magical power of the traingle.

The triangle in spirituality

According to ancient beliefs, the triangle represents a narrow gate that leads to eternal life.

It is the symbol of the unity of the three worlds:

    • Terrestrial or visible,
    • Underground or invisible,
    • Celestial or spiritual.

And not only, it also represents the three elements of nature: water, air and fire.

The triangle is the basic form of existence in many ways.

The most integrated shape is the triangle.

Before all these materials came along like concrete and steel and all that stuff, even today I think in America all houses have a triangular roof, right?

In India we have all gone for flat roofs, because they use concrete roofs and the weather allows for a flat roof.

So here again, almost all the houses have a triangular roof.

The purpose of a triangle is that with a minimum of material, the maximum force comes only from a triangle.

If you were to create another shape of the same strength, you would need a lot more materials. The strength of the material should be increased, but in the form of a triangle, with a minimum of material, you can achieve maximum force.

So all over the world, if you give them two pieces of wood, using the earth as a base, you get a dwelling. So it’s not just about the dwellings you build – even the divine hand, even the hand of the Creator chose a triangle to build the basic form inside and outside of you. If you look at any molecular structure, it is a complex assembly of triangles in many ways.

Likewise, if you look at the human body on a different level, you will see that there is what is called an energy body. Energy moves and operates in the body in a certain way.

The hidden power of traingle in Yoga

In yoga there is a whole understanding and a certain way of experiencing how energy works in your system.

If you examine this conscientiously, if you see the way your system is built, you will see that the most basic shape of your body is a triangle. All the nadis come together in the form of triangles. What we call the chakras are actually triangles. Nadis always meet in the form of triangles. We call them chakras because they symbolize movement.

So, this orange triangle surrounded by a circle is the Agna Chakra, which is the chakra of enlightenment, knowledge, knowledge and perception, because yoga is the science of perception. Yoga is the science of ultimate perception.

Have you seen them ?

The Shri Chakras and that sort of thing?

Yantra means it’s still a form of energy. If you create certain shapes, they have a certain amount of energy. They can hold a certain amount of energy. All yantras are still built with triangles. They are a complex formation of triangles because this is how your body’s energy system is built. This is how, in many ways, the fundamental aspects of existence have come about.

Triangles in religions

In Christianity, we find the power of tri-unity. One and only God in 3 forms. The shape that we draw by making the sign of the cross “in the name of the father, the son and the Holy Spirit” is a triangle.

In the Illuminati, the eye of providence is always placing a triangle, hence all of its spiritual dimension. Without forgetting the pyramid.


Does the triangle have any power? The answer is yes. The world itself has 3 dimensions. Everything is based on 3. And how can we benefit from it?

First of all, we can base our choices on the number three.

Code 3.6.9 is said to be the key to the universe.

We can say our prayers 3 times.

We can do pyramid constructions.