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Powerful Prayers

the emigrant’s prayer

Lord of Miracles,
Christ of Pachacamilla
Kneeling before your image Santa
Today I ask you in Prayer.
Today I leave, with suitcases of illusions
To other foreign lands,
Give me the courage I need
To enrumbar my destiny,
My dreams and hope
Of a better future.
Protect yourself, sir,
Guide my steps on this uncertain road
For my life I trust in you.
Grant me your light, your clarity,
In the dark depths
That I have to go.
Give peace to my soul
In my hard moments of weakness,
Calm down, Lord, my torments
When sadness and nostalgia,
Seize my being.
Protects also,
My father to my loved ones
Attenuates his pain by my absence,
Lord grant your comfort
And renew your faith.
We ask you Lord, with your Holy Protection,
That the time be short, of this separation
May the joy return to our hearts
That our dreams and longings become reality
And that our efforts and sacrifices bear fruit,
Lord bless and prosperity.
Lord of Miracles,
Christ of Pachacamilla
I entrust my life to you
In you I trust my faith.