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Powerful Prayers


You are looking for strong moorings for difficult loves that are effective, you have come to the right place since in this post we are going to describe a series of moorings that are very strong to be able to dominate and tie that loved one and that in this way he only has eyes to you, don’t stop reading the post.

strong ties for difficult loves

Strong and effective moorings for difficult loves

Surely at some point in your life it has happened to you that you fall in love with someone silently, you try everything to get that person to notice you and nothing you do has any result, you want that person to love you with the same intensity and the same desire you have on her, but nothing. Rather, sometimes you feel that that person is moving away from you and that gives you a lot of fear since for nothing in the world do you want to lose this person, that is why to achieve what you want that better than a good tie of very strong love so that See how all your fears disappear

We are going to know below a series of very strong moorings, pay close attention to them because if you want to make them to be effective you must follow all the instructions to the letter:

Love mooring with Santa Muerte Blanca

For this spell you will need a photo of that loved one that you want to tie and also a picture of the image of the white holy death and a red candle, it is important to mention that this spell must be performed on a Tuesday at 7:00 a.m. pm of the night lighting the candle and placing the stamp in front of the photo while you recite:

“Santa Muerte, you who come to the aid of the brothers who do not have love, I implore you to bring me (name of your love) so that with happiness and love it can fill my heart. God will be the one who sends all the energies of the universe for this to happen ”.

To end this ritual, three of our fathers must be prayed and always keeping in mind what you want that is for that person to be totally at your feet and not have eyes for anyone else, you must let the candle burn in its entirety and only you will wait for the results of the spell.

strong ties for difficult loves

Love tie with raw rice

The following materials are used for this strong mooring ritual:
• Tomato puree
• cardamom seeds
• raw rice
• cinnamon powder

The combination of these elements described above symbolizes a perfect sexual connection and that together form a great synchronization between two very different people, these elements also symbolize perfect communication and loyalty. By mixing all these elements and throwing them through the areas where that loved one usually travels habitually and always visualizing what you want to achieve and that is that this person comes to you with a lot of love to give you and when you finish throwing the elements you have to hope that the same take effect.

Love tie with underwear

Ties with underwear are very strong and effective, you just have to do everything to the letter and you will see the results you will have:

The materials to use:

  • 1 photo of your partner
  • Your intimate clothes
  • 1 red candle

Step by Step:

The first thing you should do to start with this type of ritual is to take the photo and you will proceed to wrap it with the intimate garment. Once it is very well wrapped, you will proceed to light the candle and place it next to the intimate garment and with a clear and strong voice you will say the following words three times:

With the moon as a witness of my love, I tie you to me, forever and forever, (Full name of your partner) today I claim you as mine and I (your full name) proclaim myself yours from today, and forever we remain tied, tied and eternally united.

Once you finish reciting these words, you are going to let the candle burn out completely and then you are going to proceed to store your intimate garment in a safe and dark place where no one else can find it, until you see that the spell did its job. effect.

Tie up with dirty underwear

For the ritual that will be described below, you must use the same undergarment for three days in a row since with this the effect will be stronger and will have better results respectively:

The materials to use:

  • A white plate
  • A picture of your ex
  • Two pink candles
  • A piece of red ribbon
  • match or lighter

Step by Step:

To begin, you will place the white plate in front of you and then you will place all the candles and then you will proceed to light them one by one. To continue you will spread the garment on the plate respectively and on the garment you will place the forum of your ex-partner or the person you need to love and you will cover it with it and with a strong and clear voice you will repeat the following words:

Aphrodite called you and I ask for your assistance in this love ritual that I perform with the bond, emotion, desire and love that this garment represents between (Your ex’s name) and me. May this bond be reborn and flourish with more strength and return (Name of your ex) to my side now. So be it.

After you have finished reciting the words, you will let the candles burn out and their entirety and with the residue that remains of them, proceed to bury the underwear where nobody can find it and with great care that the photo does not come out of the garment .

The best fulminating eternal tie to get your partner back

Eternal love moorings are the most powerful that can exist within white magic since they are surrounded by great magic and energy that allow you to achieve union with that person you want so much to have by your side and are also the ones to difficult love cases, now we are going to know the best eternal love spell so that you can recover your love, follow all the instructions to the letter and you will see how effective it is.

The materials to use:

  • 1 red couple candle
  • Red cord or bow
  • 2 orange candles
  • Person’s item of clothing
  • Cinnamon essential oil
  • 5 red headed pins
  • match or lighter

strong ties for difficult loves

Step by Step:

To start with this spell, the first thing you should do is take the couple candle and you will proceed to spread it with the essential oil of cinnamon, once you have all the candle greased, proceed to place all the pins on the candle as follows:
one on the head, two on the eyes, one on the heart and one on the genitalia of the entwined couple. Recite this request: “I enter your mind, I take over your gaze, I dominate your heart and I am your obsession.” Repeat 7 times.

Once you finish with the words you will proceed to place the two orange candles next to the even candle and you will light them all respectively, then you will proceed to take the garment of that person and you will extend it to the front of the candles and add 7 drops of the essential oil of cinnamon, you are going to fold that garment into 3 parts and then you are going to tie or tie it with the bow, be careful you must make 7 knots and while you are doing each one you must repeat the following words when you do it: With these knots I tie you to me, I unite you forever and we will never be separated ». Repeat 7 times.

Once you finish reciting these words, you are going to let the candles burn out in their entirety and you are going to throw them out of the house, and the item of clothing you are going to keep under your mattress for 7 days and after these days you will bury it in a place where there is a lot of vegetation and where no one else can find them and you will see how the spell will work.

Eternal love mooring with photo

The materials to use:

  • Face photo of you and the other person. (let the eyes be seen)
  • Three cinnamon sticks
  • Seven drops of lotion or perfume the other person uses
  • A coin that belongs to the other person. (whether you ask for it or take it away)
  • A drop of your perfume or lotion
  • Red glass jar with lid
  • Three red candles

Step by Step:

If you don’t have a red jar, you can take a glass jar and paint it red. This spell is extremely simple, what you must do by introducing all the materials except the candles into the jar; the photos of the two, three cinnamon sticks, seven drops of the other person’s perfume or lotion.

You will proceed to cover the bottle once everything is inside it and you will proceed to light a candle every day, in total you must light the bottle for 3 consecutive days and you must place it where no one can touch it, much less extinguish the candles.

If this article strong and effective moorings, for difficult loves, find out, you have found it interesting, do not stop reading the following that may also be to your complete liking:

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