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Powerful Prayers

spiritual prayers

spiritual prayers
spiritual prayers

We pray to the Lord Almighty God to send us
good spirits to assist us, move away from those who
could lead us into error, and grant us the light
necessary to distinguish the truth from the imposture.
Remove also the evil Spirits,
embodied or disembodied, they might try
put discord between us and deviate from the
Charity and love of neighbor. If anyone wanted
Enter here, do not find access in
The heart of any of us.
Good spirits that you deserve to come to
instruct us, make us docile to your advice;
separate us from all thoughts of selfishness, of
pride, envy and jealousy; inspire us indulgence
and benevolence to our fellow present and
absent, friends and enemies; do, well, that in the
feelings that we feel encouraged,
Let’s recognize your healthy influence.
Give to the mediums you take care of
transmit your teachings, the awareness of the
holiness of the mandate entrusted to them and of the
severity of the act that they will fulfill, in order that
have the fervor and the necessary recollection.
If, in the assembly, there were people who
were attracted to another feeling other than that of
Well, open your eyes to the light, and forgive them, as well as
We forgive them, if they come with bad
We especially pray to the Spirit of N …
our spiritual guide, to assist us and watch over
Almighty God, allow
the good spirits that assist me in communication
I request Preserve me from the presumption of believing me
in the shelter of the evil spirits, of the pride that could
fool me about the value of what I get and everything
feeling contrary to charity with respect to
other mediums If I am induced in error, inspire some
the thought of warning me and humility to me
that will make me accept criticism with recognition,
taking for myself and not for others, the advice
that will be served to give me the good spirits.
If I feel tempted to abuse whatever I want
whatever, or puff up of the faculty that you had
Well grant me, I beg you to withdraw it before
allow it to be diverted from its providential end, which
It is the good of all and my own moral advancement.
Wise and benevolent spirits,
messengers of God, whose mission is to assist the
men and lead them on the right track; hold me
In the trials of this life, give me strength to suffer them
without muttering; deviate from me bad thoughts and
do not give access to any of the bad
Spirits that try to induce me to evil. Light up my
awareness so you can see my flaws, separate
from my eyes the veil of pride that could prevent me
See them and confess them to myself.
You especially, N …, my guardian angel, who
you watch more particularly and you, Spirits
protectors that you care about me, make me
make worthy of your benevolence. You know my
needs, that they be satisfied according to the
God’s will.
. (Other) – Oh God, allow the good
Spirits that surround me, come to my aid
when I am in trouble and they support me if
I hesitate Do, Lord, that they inspire me faith, hope
and charity; May they be a support, a hope and
a proof of your mercy; do, in short, that
find by your side the strength I need to
cope with the trials of life and to resist
suggestions of evil, the faith that saves and the love that
(Other). – Beloved spirits, angels
guardians, you whom God, in his infinite
mercy, let watch over men, be my
protectors in the tests of terrestrial life. Give me
strength, courage and resignation; inspire me everything
that is good and stop me on the slope of evil;
may your sweet influence penetrate my soul; do
That I feel that a sincere friend is close to me, that
See my sufferings and share my joys.
And you, my good angel, do not abandon me; I have
need your protection to endure with faith
and love the trials that God pleases to send me.
In the name of Almighty God, may the evil spirits depart from me and that
the good ones protect me against them.
Evil spirits, which inspire evil
thoughts to men; Cheats spirits and
liars that deceive them; Mocking spirits that
you abuse his credulity, I reject you with all the
forces of my soul and close my ear to your
suggestions; but I ask for mercy
of God.
Good spirits, that you deserve to assist me,
Give me strength to resist the influence of the bad
Spirits and light needed not to be a victim of their
lusts Preserve me of pride and presumption;
separate from my heart