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Powerful Prayers

Seven Powers prayer

OH, Seven Powers that are around the Holy One among the saints! I humbly kneel before your miraculous picture to implore your intercession before God, loving Father who protect all creation, animate and inanimate, and I ask you, in the name of Most holy and sweet name of Jesus, that you accede to my request and you give back to me the peace of spirit and the material prosperity, moving away from my house and removing from me the pitfalls that are the cause of my ills, without ever being able to torment me again .

My heart tells me that my request is just, and if you accede to it, you will add more glory to the name blessed for ever and ever by God our Lord, from whom we have received the promise to ask and it will be given to you .. . So be it in the name of the father, the son and the Holy Spirit! … Listen to me Changó! … Listen to me, Ochúm! … Attend to me Yamayá! … Look at me with good eyes, Obatalá! … Do not forsake me Ogungun! … Seek propitious, Orula! … Intercede for me Eleggua! … Grant me what I ask of you through the intercession of the Seven African Powers! … Oh! , Santo Cristo de Olofí! … for ever and ever you are blessed … Asché