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Powerful Prayers

serenity prayer

serenity prayer

Heavenly Father God, I come to you to beg you to listen to my prayers
And my prayers in these moments of much confusion
God grant me serenity, help me keep calm
Accepting such things that I can’t change
Help me to be more tolerant and give me courage and intelligence
To modify what I can change
Give me the wisdom to distinguish between one thing and the other.

My father, I need the strength to overcome my weaknesses,
Give strength to my soul, Fill my life with your spirit.
Don’t let me grieve or sadden you
Much less bitter than me for things that make no sense,
Passing things
In the midst of so many difficulties, problems and conflicts
Beloved Father, you taught us to live in joy,
In happiness, in love.

Holy Father, I ask you to give me serenity, tranquility, calm,
Fortitude to listen to you and thank you
For all the good you have given me.

I want to hear you with an open heart to your inspirations,
I need your strength and your power
To humbly feel your words of love
What do you tell us every day?
Become my guide and lead me on the path of salvation
Eliminate the anguish in my soul, the bad desires that torment me
I recognize that I am weak, help me!
Lord of glory, give inner peace to my heart
To talk in intimacy, trust arise,
The dialogue and praise.

Lord, you are peace and serenity!
 Give it to me, so that your peace is my rest.
My God, send your spirit on me,
Grant me the gift of accepting the events of life
 with serenity, in peace, to people with love.
Allow me Lord to cleanse my body and my soul
Of such filth, you are the peace that serene everything,
Sorry and sorry, give me serenity!
Thankful I am Lord, for all your love,
For listening to everything I come to tell you,
For being an example in my life, for being my guide, my protector, my refuge.

I am grateful for the opportunities you have given me in life,
For being a better person every day, thanks to your presence.
I will be closer to you through prayer.
You strengthen my spirit;
Help me learn from my mistakes, to be a fair person,
A good person.

Give me serenity, my mind is clouded and my judgment is not clear,
Sometimes I make decisions that are not correct
My good Lord, do not let it falter and disappoint you.

Lord let me understand, understand and accept That there are situations that cannot be changed, but I can contribute a grain of sand to build a better tomorrow full of joy, peace and prosperity.

In your hands I deliver all my dreams, It is you who are going to help me to fulfill them Because there is nothing impossible without you, Remember my Lord that there is no burden we cannot bear Because where my strength ends, Right there the yours Give me the courage to continue advancing safely and clearly,Do not let fear paralyze me and make me doubt, On the contrary, give me the strength to move forward, with determination and courage Give me spiritual peace, tranquility to be able to listen to the advice of my guardian, but also the lies of the personal demon to be able to distinguish their voices and thus always do what is right.

Give me Holy Father wisdom to distinguish all paths And the clarity necessary to see what you show me on the path.