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Powerful Prayers


We all at one point turn for help to protect ourselves. That is why the Prayer to San Luis Beltrán It is very powerful, so if you are looking for a prayer to praise, cure the evil eye and diseases that have to do directly with children, adults or a loved one, this publication is for you.

prayer to saint luis beltrán

Prayer to San Luis Beltrán

The Prayer to San Luis Beltrán It is a request to the saint used by his faithful believers to cure many ills, ailments, sorceries, spells and ties, but especially the so-called evil eye that goes hand in hand with the evils caused by envy.

San Luis Beltran He was a Spanish Blessed, sanctified by Pope Clement X in 1671. He became well known and popular for the wonderful miracles that he could perform. Among them were mentioned the healing of curses, sorceries, diseases and even healing wounds. How did he do it? through an incantation or prayer.

The Ensalm comes from the word “in and psalm” which means that it is a prayer that is guarded by a process or care of corrections that is accompanied by magical powers to heal the sick. It can also be said that it is a rite of magical-religious representation, which sometimes goes hand in hand with prayers and alternative medicine care, which lead to the healing of diseases.

At the discrepancy of the sentence or religious invocation that has the representation of obedient supplication to a sanctified character asking for protection and relief, we spells them, like spells, they tend to have greater representation in the esoteric, mystical and magical.

The evil eye is a well-known non-religious conjecture that is widespread in various and numerous cultures, of which it is said that someone or any individual has the power to harm, cause misery and suffering, even of get to incite death to another person just by seeing it. In this way, whoever is affected is pointed out with the saying that “he is looking” or with the other popularly known phrase “they cast the evil eye on him.”

Envy is the ambition to get something that another person has and that one needs. It is, therefore, about anguish, desolation or discomfort for the good of others. In this sense, envy is part of resentment, which shows us that the person does not want to overcome their position, but rather wants the other to do badly or worse.

This evil can cause a person just by looking in a fixed way, he is cured naturally and with a prayer addressed to the saint of your favoritism. In this case the sentence is addressed to San Luis Beltran, since as we mentioned previously he was a well-known and popular blessed for treating these types of ills.

Prayer to remove the evil eye

Many religious tend to carry out this energetic prayer to San Luis Beltrán for the evil eye, aimed at both children and adults, since they know that there are people with this great mental and spiritual power, capable of creating harm, even without having the intention. Normally the most exposed to receive this prototype of harm are children, since they are very vulnerable, innocent and defenseless. Next, we are going to quote this powerful prayer that you need to know to remove the evil eye:

“In the holy name of God the Father, in the holy name of the heavenly protectors and in the name of San Luis Beltrán. I invoke this prayer to remove the evil eye. In these hours I cry out to you San Luis Beltrán to help me, to disappear the evil eye that has fallen as a result of envy. Free me from the one who only wants to see his neighbor badly. May your most holy and merciful will restore my health and my state of mind.

San Luis Beltrán heals this faithful devotee in the Lord, I believe with faith in the power of your miracles, and make him move away from me to be what is doing me wrong. Clear my path and eliminate my enemies, or those who do not want good for me. I ask you that my strength and my energy be recovered, and that my happiness and my health return to the way they were before. Intercede for me so that my well-being is already recovered.

Oh San Luis Beltrán! Before you I am surrendered asking for this prayer, and with deep respect I acknowledge your actions, in life I ask you to free me from the evil eye, and from the heavy gaze of my enemies. Also free me from the hypocritical people who come to me desiring what I have, and when all evil eye disappears from me, do not allow the person who did it to look at me again.

With a strong voice and imploring your name, I ask that the evil eye leave me, remove everything that the enemy sends me, facilitate your powerful hand and pass it over my body and my being. Help me to achieve success and those people who wanted to see me fall today can see your works, that I can walk freely and do your holy will. Amen”.

prayer to saint luis beltrán

This prayer is recommended to be performed for three continuous days or as many times as necessary, depending on the severity of the evil eye that is in the child or in the affected adult, this in order to remove the evil from the roots and that the person is completely healed. They even recommend accompanying the prayer by lighting a candle and with a plant, such as the palm or the olive tree, helping the liberation process, however this is not mandatory, since prayer alone is powerful and miraculous.

Prayer for healing of diseases

Daughter or son of God, I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, three entities and a real essence; and of the Virgin Mary, conceived without original sin, Virgin before, during and after childbirth; and for the mystical Saint Gertrude, your beloved and gifted wife, eleven thousand virgins, Lord Saint Joseph, Saint Roque and Saint Sebastian and for all the blessed and blessed of your heavenly court.

For your glorious birth, incarnation and resurrection, ascension through such high and most holy mysteries that I believe with certainty, I implore your divine majesty, putting your most holy mother as intercessor, free and heal this person of disease, evil eye, pain, suffering, frustration and other any evil, injury, damage or suffering. Amen Jesus.

Not looking at the unworthy person who prefers such sacrosanct mysteries, I beg you Lord, for your honor and fervor of those present, use your charity and compassion to heal, heal and rid of this wound, all ailments, suffering and suffering, removing it from this place, and do not allow accident, deterioration, decomposition, or damage to occur, providing health so that it can serve you and fulfill your holy will. Amen Jesus. I promise you that our Jesus Christ will heal you, bless you and do all his will in you. Amen Jesus.

Consumption Est + Consumatum Est +. Amen Jesus.

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