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Powerful Prayers


and I ask you to take me by the hand and guide my ways

so that you have a prosperous present and a better future.

Before your plants I arrive with full hope

to ask you to give tranquility to my being, to my heart,

so that you can give me your powerful help and protection

now that the anguish, the pain and need around me

and I can’t solve them on my own,

I present myself before you knowing that you always listen to us

and you make possible, with your mediation before your beloved Son,

May all our problems and difficulties have a solution.

I beg you to give me perfect health and mine too,

keep pandemics, diseases and pains;

I earnestly ask you to release me from economic pressures

that overwhelm my day to day and take my sleep at night;

I ask you to fill my life with true and sincere love

surround me with good people and best friends

and make it possible for my love life to be complete and happy.

Holy Mother, I also ask you for my work situation,

have a decent job or a productive business

that allows me to bring home a fair and adequate salary

so that we do not go through tribulations, ruins and deficiencies

and let us enjoy stability, abundance and prosperity.

O Lady of Heaven, Queen of Angels,

send these Celestial Beings to take care of me and defend me,

so that they are next to me, protect me from all evil

and free me from any danger, evil and enemy,

Oh my dearly beloved Mother, protect me, help me,

you know i trust in divine providence

and that I am sure that you will intercede for me before God

so that you can obtain this great favor that you need so much:

(make your request with great faith and hope)

Oh Lady and Mother, Blessed Virgin Mary,

embrace me with the flames of your maternal care,

and, by the divine great charity that houses your Immaculate Heart

I implore you to use your generosity with me, give me your favor,

put me under your singular and safe protection today and always,

teach me to imitate your great virtues and to follow your example,

to love the Lord more every day and not stray from his Word,

give me the support, the confidence and the remedy that I need

in my current problems, in my sadness and setbacks,

in everything that is very difficult for me but not for your power,

because for You, loving Mother, there are no impossible

because you were chosen by God to be his most pure Mother,

therefore I beg you that with your beautiful mother’s eyes

pray to God not to abandon me now that I need him so much.

So be it, so see my request fulfilled.


Now recite slowly, and meditating on what he says, this beautiful prayer written by Saint Bernard; let the Virgin Mary know that, despite your problems and needs, you trust her And, above all else, you believe in his powerful intercession before his beloved Son Jesus Christ. Also thank him for all the blessings received and for those that will come to you from now on from his miraculous hand; Tell him to allow your current situation to change for the better and to be compassionate and help you get the request that you have humbly and willingly made.