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Powerful Prayers


h, glorious Black Spirit, that by virtue of your virtue you have reached God’s holy blessing and have reached the heavenly court to surround yourself with Angels, Archangels and Seraphim.

I, admirer of you for your strength, knowledge and your great benevolence, I ask you in the name of God to radiate my body with your flowing saints to ward off from me the evil thoughts that my enemies want to send me.

Deliver me, O my Kongo of all ambushes of evil Spirits, bind my opponents with feet, hands and evil thoughts.
Oh, Glorious Kongo Spirit with your company I will win, with your strength I will protect myself, with your fluids you will bless me and with the holy power of God has given you, Oh kongo you will help me to win in the going.

I am not going back because you are with me and you will help me in all my needs.
I ask you oh, Kongo Spirit, divine protector that you please keep the surroundings of my home, against envy, jealousy and bad faith.
Deliver me, my Kongo, from all bad influence and do not abandon me into oblivion.