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Powerful Prayers


The Lord is risen, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah!
O Risen Jesus who has manifested your deep love for us
and after the suffering of Calvary, of your death on the Cross,
and despite the anguish, the pain and the sorrows that you suffered,
you obtained definitive victory before death
and you are alive and you live among us,
to You who are Life, Hope and our Way to follow,
we ask you to fill our lives with your clarity,
give us strength and help to overcome our fragility
and radiates happiness, health, Love and Peace among us.

Keep reading the sentence
Oh Jesus, beautiful Treasure of Heaven,
that through your Precious Blood you have saved us
and you have redeemed us from sin,
forgive and dissolve my mistakes
and guide me to do the right thing at all times,

especially when I feel desperate.

Oh my Lord Jesus who rose from the dead,
and before your Ascension to Heaven you said:
“I will always be with you, until the end of time”
come into my life and stay in it,
may your presence be my help today and tomorrow
may your grace assist me at all times and places;
grant my body good health, ward off disease,
full of reciprocated love my sentimental life,
give comfort to the sorrows that afflict my heart
and remedy for my shortcomings and adversities,
brings abundance of work and prosperity to my home,

preserve me from injustices, evils and enemies,
rescue me from all evils, visible and invisible
and pour out your merciful kindness on me.

O Jesus, mighty in the heights and on earth,
my divine benefactor, my generous benefactor,
I know that in the morning and at night you walk by my side,
And when I’m downcast, sad, lonely and confused,
I know that you are with me and surround me with your mercy,
And when I get lost and I can’t get out of my problems
when I lack health or have serious needs,
I know you are there, I know you hear me, you understand me,
and I feel loved, sheltered and protected by You.

O Divine Word, only Son of the Father,
Light of the world, mighty healer of all,
my beloved Christ the Redeemer, I adore you and venerate you,
You who have saved me with your pain,
You who have compassion on those who suffer in their body,
of those who suffer in their heart, of those who suffer in their soul,
have mercy on me and help me,
may your immense generosity come to my life
and I can see solved this that worries me so much:

(tell Jesus the problems and what you want to achieve)

Oh Christ, Lord Jesus, have mercy on me,
make it possible for me to get through these difficult times,
look kindly at my afflictions
and free me from the pain and the troubles that oppress me.

Oh Christ Jesus, have mercy on me, drive away my fears,
dispel my shadows, fill me with your Spirit,
You who defeated death and taught me the true Way,
renew my faith and increase my trust in You,
open my eyes to the wonder of your love for me,
May the radiance of your Resurrection fill my day to day.

Risen Jesus give me joy to live,

teach me to walk to the party of your meeting,
put humility, clarity and warmth in my heart
so that I know how to be more charitable to my fellow men;
and above all, put fervor and dedication in my soul
so that I never stop loving you.

Oh my most loving Jesus, who are the Resurrection and the Life
You have come, you will return, We will wait for you,
oh my Sovereign Judge, my Divine Master
oh good shepherd, you were dead and you are alive,
in your hands we put ourselves, to your inexhaustible love we go,
in your Heart we place our supplications and needs,
use your mercy and strengthen our weakness,
be our life, be our guide and our peace,
establishes harmony among all peoples,
defend us from all evil and give us eternal goods.
May it all be in the glory of your Holy Name.

The Lord is risen, Hallelujah, Hallelujah!
So be it.

Pray three Our Fathers and one Glory Be.
Prayer and prayers are made with great faith and fervor

in the morning and in the evening at least three days in a row.