Prayer to the Most Holy Trinity


We invite you to hold a prayer with Almighty God, he will help strengthen our relationship with the Holy Trinity.

  1. Prayer asking for protection
  2. Prayer for the family
  3. Prayer asking for guidance and direction to Holy Trinity

Prayer asking for protection

Dear God, Triune who is also One:
Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
Holy Trinity whom I believe in,
And also who do I wait for,
I love you with all my heart,
I humbly beg your protection and help.
Father, son ando Hola spirit please bless me,
For I need your protection from evil and help.
I respectfully ask you in your presence
May the enemy who conspires against me
You can overcome him and free me from evil.
Don't let those eyes see me
Nor that their ears can hear me
That his hands cannot reach me to hurt me
And that just by invoking you oh Holy Trinity
My enemies are brought down at my feet
I beg you, before the Holy Trinity, Please grant my request.
Please cover me with your cloak oh Holy Trinity
Please cover me with the scapular of the Holy Virgin of Carmen
So please the traps of my enemies do not touch me
I beg you before Father, Son ando holy spirit, please grant my request.

Prayer for the family

I pray that the Holy Trinity will accompany me wherever I go
Father God protect us.
The Son help us
And his Holy Spirit guide us
That wherever he leads us
The Trinity always accompany us
Well, our life depends on them.
I beg you before the Holy Trinity, please grant my request.
I pray that my family is protected
Of the evil, the diseases and the misery of the world.
May they never lack anything and always count on your help
I beg you before the Trinity to please confer my request.

Prayer asking for guidance and direction to Holy Trinity

In the mighty Name of the Trinity,
I pray that at this very moment
Good God and Eternal Father,
Together with his son the Lord Jesus Christ
And his glorious Holy Spirit illuminate my mind
In order for what you propose to me to come out well
Take care of me wherever I put my feet.
I beg you before the Trinity to please grant my request.

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