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Powerful Prayers


Crucified Jesus! my adored and lovable Lord,
that for me you came to earth your Precious Blood to shed,

with immense hope I humbly reach your plants
and I give you my sorrowful heart when I see your suffering;
oh sweet remedy of the afflicted, prostrate before you I adore you

and when looking at your Sacred Image, suffering so much in the Holy Cross

my being is filled with consolation and catch my breath

O God and Lord of all virtues,
forgive the times that I have failed you, forgive my ingratitude,
O Jesus, Son of the living God who are good and loving,
give me your help so that I can enjoy the heavenly blessings
that you pour out with infinite love on your faithful followers.

You who are in each one of us and never let us down
and with your immortal Word of hope, of Love, Justice and Truth,
you illuminate our paths and lend us your saving Light
teach me to follow the luminous footprints that your feet made,
that for my redemption and that of all men,
so that the dark shadows that surround me at night
become a beautiful day full of warm and radiant sun.

Un my good Jesus, listen to the pleas of my brothers and me
You beg that we do you and we ask you with so much faith,
give us your Holy Help in these moments of difficulty,
open our paths so that we can regain peace
and we are leveled towards prosperity and happiness,
I especially want to request your help in this difficult problem:

(ask now the favor you want to get).

I give you my gratitude, because I know that, leaving my request in your hands,
oh my beloved Jesus Christ, everything will be alright
and I will receive the benefits that are essential to me
so that my anguish ends as soon as possible.


Jesus, your feet are nailed to always wait for me.

Larms outstretched, to receive me when I arrive;
head bent to look at me and give me the kiss of redemption

without evoking my human fragility.

Jesus you have ethe open heart to pour into mine,

human and full of immense suffering,

the thanks and the many thanks that I need daily.

Lord Jesus, for your immense anguish,
for how much you suffered in your Passion, in your crucifixion,

have mercy on me, take pity on me, come closer to me,

grant me these favors that I request with simplicity

Y I confidently implore your infinite mercy:

(Say at this moment, with recollection and simplicity of heart,
the requests that you want to send to the Lord of Sorrows,
so that He in his mercy may send you his Holy Help).

Crucified Jesus! I give you my needs,
in your powerful hand I deposit everything that anguishes me,
you who are my King and Lord and the friend who never fails,

have pity on my tears, have pity on my pain,

come to my aid

and alleviates the sorrows how much they make it difficult for me
the power to have a dignified, rewarding and trouble-free life.

So be it, so with the help of the Lord my wishes are fulfilled. +

To feel closer to the Holy Trinity,
God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit
fervently pray a Creed, an Our Father and a Glory Be.

Repeat the prayer and prayers for three consecutive days, each day do it in the morning and at night, pray with faith, put your trust in the Lord of Sorrows, there are many people who entrust themselves to Him every day because it is very miraculous and does not leave without an answer when asked with hope, do not hesitate, tell him your problems and you will see how you get what you need.