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Powerful Prayers


O Most Pure Virgin !, blessed among all women,

that you were preserved from all guilt from your conception

by the singular grace of almighty God.

Glorious Virgin Mary, Mother of God, I acknowledge and confess

the wonderful privilege of your Immaculate Conception

for you are transparency and fullness of grace.

Queen of Heaven, when you are by my side

I feel confident, secure, I feel protected,

therefore, always accompany me, never leave my side

take care of us all and under your holy guardianship.

O Merciful Virgin, sweet Lady worthy of veneration,
for your virginal purity and Immaculate Conception

and your glorious quality of Mother of God,
today we come to you with confidence.

With veneration I kneel before your most holy feet,

oh Immaculate Virgin, faithful Virgin, mirror of purity,

I am very glad that from eternity

you have been chosen Mother of the Eternal Word

filled with grace and preserved from original guilt.

I thank and bless the Holy Trinity,

that enriched you with such privileges in your conception

and I humbly beg you to grant me grace

to overcome the sad effects that original sin had on me

and may I never stop loving my God.

O Queen of those who suffer, Queen of family and joy,
we know your care for our well-being, for our peace,

We know that you are always willing to do kindness,

therefore we beg you with all our being to be compassionate

with whom we are and live in need

and now that we suffer from urgent deficiencies and difficulties,
send us your blessed help, give us your blessings.

Oh Mother of good advice, admirable Mother,
You who are always full of courage, of consolation for your children,

give us the necessary strength and encouragement,

get us the hope and relief we so need,

Oh mighty intercessor, grant us your motherly love

direct our request to the Father for all consolation

and get us the means to solve:

(request with great faith what you want to obtain).

Oh Mother, Virgin of Virgins,

mediate insistently before your Divine Son Jesus

so that with his infinite goodness he will soon grant us a remedy

to which with great hope we have asked.

Loving Sovereign Virgin, kind Door of Heaven,

Morning star that illuminates the paths for us,
we also beg you you grant us grace

to be true children of yours and of your Son Jesus Christ,

free from every stain of sin;

help us to have a big and open heart

to be attentive to the needs of others

and that we faithfully follow the paths of true love

towards our brothers, especially the most disadvantaged,

as your Son, the good Jesus, asks of us.

Immaculate Virgin, sweet consolation of those who suffer and suffer,

relief for those in dire and dire needs,
health of the sick and refuge of those who are alone,
get us the grace to experiment as soon as possible

your motherly, your powerful and great protection
give us your generous hand now that we need it so much,
and always take refuge under your Mantle of mercy.

Through Jesus Christ Our Lord, so be it. +

Pray the Hail, three Hail Marys, Our Father and Glory.

Make the prayer and the prayers, with great devotion and full confidence, for three days in a row, in the morning and at night, asking Our Lady to never stop assisting you, being aware of you, interceding for your requests and give you their help at all times, that does not stop favoring you especially when money worries and many difficulties do not let you sleep, and you are very overwhelmed by the shortcomings, when, no matter how hard you try, you cannot go out for your own means of so much adversity and financial need.