Prayer to the Heavenly Father

Prayer to the Heavenly Father

Prayer to the Heavenly Father

Talking to God and communicating our concerns, worries and desires is
a good way to keep our faith in him and to calm our fears and
anxieties. To do this, we must turn all our feelings upside down
by ridding ourselves of prejudices and social stereotypes.

Although, in order to communicate
with our God we don't need a script to follow, we can call on Him
through the following prayer. Just remember, do it with a lot of faith and devotion.

 Prayer to Father 


Heavenly Father God, you who created the universe and
made life possible on our Planet. Today I give you
my thanks for that, for my life, for the
health and the blessings that you daily spread over
all of us.

Just as I recognize your divine
presence and I praise with all my being your infinite
mercy and love for your children; also, I am able to
recognize my sins and mistakes, which are not
nice to you.

That's why I'm standing here in front of you.
to ask you for forgiveness for my sins, in deed, word
and omission. I also ask forgiveness for the sins of the
world and of everyone that, for some reason, have fallen
in the temptation of evil and of the one you defeated and
vanished from the gates of heaven.

But since your heart is immense, O Father
Merciful, I place my life in your hands and trust
that your kind protection, guidance and unconditional love
will be the tools that will carry my being to
compliance with the Perfect Plan that you have designed for

So, today I ask you to make me enjoy all your
plans and opportunities; that you give my life
the wisdom that will make us on the day of judgment
be able to come to rest in your arms.

Lastly, I invoke your blessed presence, to calm
the wicked of the world; that thou may give succour to the
needed and peace to the tormented. I ask this for the
merits of your incredible and infinite Mercy.

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