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Powerful Prayers


OH, BARON CHOSEN FROM THE CEMETERY, THREE TIMES EVOCO YOUR HOLY NAME, (Baron of the cemetery, Baron of the Cemetery, Baron of the cemetery) I invoke your Holy name 3 times to be helped by the powerful force of Cain and Sanson, provide me three of your chosen and more close spirits, one so that man or woman born, can not do any wrongdoing against me, or against mine, and so that in no case Earthly Justice persecutes or condemns me and another, so that all bad and perverse ideas you have (name of person or persons and if not, say:

Whatever the person against me) are revoked against you; and the last to turn against them, until they come surrendered and subjected to my feet to humble themselves, by the powerful voice of the cemetery baron. AMEN!!! Salute to the tomb of the cemetery Baron The cemetery Baron is the first person to be buried in a cemetery If he is a man, he acquires the name “Baron”; if she is a woman, that of “Baroness” In our country, the Baron is syncretized with the image of Elías del Monte Carmelo, and his companion Santa Marta “La Dominadora”, whose image is the “saint” that the snake has. In the cemetery, in the Greater Cross (the largest) is where the cult is always performed. Here people make their celebrations asking the Baron for the service they need.

These requests are always made at twelve o’clock on Tuesday and Friday nights, or at twelve o’clock in the day. These are the hours when the Baron grants the requests.