Prayer to the Apostles

Prayer to the Apostles for believers of God

Oración a los apóstoles

The Prayer to the Apostles represents for Christians the song of that faith that God has founded in each one since baptism. Its composition corresponds to the experience of the 12 followers of Jesus in his life and after his death.

Every day, in the celebration of the Eucharist, the faithful recite the Prayer to the Apostles to declare their belief in God. This custom arises from the acquisition of prayer as a symbol of the Catholic Church and of the disciples. In Rome, where Saint Peter founded the foundations of Christian unity, the custom that today remains with all the faithful was established.
Each of the phrases that make up the Prayer to the Apostles alludes to a biblical verse. The disciples teach us that our creator has reincarnated his son in a man to show us compassion. Every time we repeat this prayer, we affirm our faith.

The Apostles' Creed

I believe in a God who is Father and powerful, who has created heaven and earth.

His son Jesus Christ, our Lord, who was created by grace from the hand of the Holy Spirit.

She, the Virgin Mary, has given birth to him, to be later handed over by her brothers to Pontius Pilate.

Then he was crucified by him, and buried dead

He descended to hell and on his third day came alive from the dead

He ascended to glory and now from the side of our Father he judges the living and the dead.

I attest to the existence in our hearts of the Holy Spirit.

I base my belief in the Catholic Church as a unique and holy entity, in the community of saints of all races and colors.

In mercy towards us as we look at our criminals.

In which Christ fills us with life after death and that thanks to him there will never be darkness. Amen.

Always carry with you the prayer of the apostles to protect you from all evil and have faith in difficult times.


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