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Powerful Prayers

Prayer to Santo Tomas Becket

Santo Tomas Becket was born in London, England in 1970. He was a man who worked as an assistant to the Archbishop of Canterbury, and who little by little was taking more important positions. So much so that he was appointed as Chancellor by King Henry II, as his favor for achieving a friendship with Pope Eugene the Third.

In the year 1161 Saint Thomas Becket was going to assume his most important position, and that was to be Archbishop. Henry II trusted Santo Tomás and had no doubt that he was going to do a great job. Before this happened, a prophecy was told to the King:

“If I accept to be Archbishop, it will happen that the king who until now is my great friend, will be my great enemy”

The King did not care about this prophecy so Santo Tomas proceeded to become a priest and then be consecrated Archbishop. The announcement of the prophecy was gradually being fulfilled and began with rumors and slander towards Santo Tomas and that the ear of King Henry II was poisoned. The friendship that they once had ended, the King could no longer bear Saint Thomas and did not believe any word of him.

Four hitmen were ordered to assassinate Santo Tomas, and it was thus that on December 29, 1170, our saint while he was praying in front of the altar accepted his death without resistance without first leaving this message

“I gladly die for the name of Jesus and in defense of the Catholic Church”

King Henry was excommunicated for this action by Pope Alexander II and then showed repentance and did penance for two years.

Santo Tomas was never intimidated by the power of the King in order to serve God and the church, was someone who defended and fought against the abuses of power and this is how I invite you to pray:

🙏Prayer to Santo Tomas Becket🙏

Lord, you who have given Saint Thomas Becket greatness of soul to lay down his life in favor of justice, grant us, through his intercession, to sacrifice our earthly life for Christ in order to recover it again in heaven. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit and is God for ever and ever.


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