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Powerful Prayers


Oh blessed Saint Therese of the Child Jesus,

model of humility, trust and love!

From high up in the skies shed leaves on us

those roses that you lovingly carry in your arms,
spread your sweetness and goodness, your help and protection,
on our anguished hearts, on our shortcomings
and fill us with your charity of graces, with your miraculous favors.
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Surround us with la rose of humility, that so adorned your life,

so that we surrender our pride, our arrogance,

and let us accept the teaching of the Gospel without reservation.

Send the rose of trust, so that we abandon ourselves

to the Will of God and let us rest in his Mercy.

Put within our reacha rose of strong and generous love

so that, opening our souls wide and without measure
to true faith, to Grace, let us accomplish the greatest purpose

for whom God has created us in his Image:

What is it love him faithfully and make him love for others.

You who were enriched with great heavenly gifts,
that you had charity and felt compassion for others,
and now you pass your heaven doing good on earth,

help me to remedy this special need,
intercede for me that I am going through great problems

and grant me from the Lord what I ask of you:

(now in silence and with simplicity of heart
ask Santa Teresita to help you get what you want).

Oh saint full of virtues, saint of sweet dedication,
for all the love and trust that you felt inside of you,
and you never left, towards the Sacred Heart of Jesus
for your enormous devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary
because of how much you tried to serve and please God,
do not forget the prayers that I have made with faith,
You know that I trust you and believe in the promise you made to us
of you do not stop serving us from the Glory where you now live,
you who told us that no request was made of you
would remain unattended with a favorable response,
send us your shower of flowers, send us your very effective help,
and, for our good, obtain us sweet and kind girl,
may the Lord, in his goodness, alleviate our sorrows and adversities
if it is to be for the greater glory of God

honor yours and good of my soul.

I also want to request that you infuse in me
the virtues that adorned your short earthly life,
give me patience to know how to expect everything from God,
give me cleansing of mind and heart to be a good person,
compassion not to stop doing good to others,
fidelity so as not to stop loving Jesus and the Virgin,
and above all do, holy beloved, do not stop practicing
the Holy Commandments so that,
being faithful in this life to the divine commands
get salvation and can enjoy in the Heavenly Homeland.

Through Christ, our brother and Lord. So be it. +

Now repeat this invocation three times:
Saint Therese of the Child Jesus you who are a powerful mediator
and send us blessings from on high, listen to us,
give us the hope we hope for and pray for us!

Finally pray with devotion to God and the Virgin

three Our Fathers, three Hail Marys and three Glories.

Prayer and prayers should be repeated three days in a row.

Saint Therese of the Child Jesus always trusted in Divine mercy, loved Jesus Christ without measure and dedicated her life to doing good. Ask him with conviction to be your intercessor before him and get you the favor you want so that your life improves.