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Powerful Prayers


O glorious Saint Rita of Cassia! saint of miracles,
with a soul full of confidence for the continuous favors

what do you reach from the sky for the good of your faithful devotees,

I come to your presence today to beg you to intercede

before your Beloved Spouse and Redeemer of the world,

so that you hear benign what I humbly request
and get it for me from its great power and infinite mercy.

To you, holy glorious Rita, blessed woman,
you got in the course of your long and holy life,

so many and so repeated samples

to be a privileged soul of the Love of God,

I am sure he will kindly assist you if you pray for me,
if you ask him for help, mercy and compassion for me,

with that burning fervor that always encouraged you

when you prostrated yourself to pray at the foot of the Holy Crucifix.

I beg you, my holy friend, that with your special generosity

be my helper in this lost case that affects me so much,
make me get a solution to this my big problem
that as you know, and no matter how hard I try,
for me it is practically impossible to solve,
but that with your help and the mercy of the Most High
it can have a solution and be solved shortly;
blessed saint Rita, I come before you with all hope
hoping that your holy mediation before the Lord assist me
and I can get away the despair that I feel
May with your miraculous help all that afflicts me be fixed;
I ask you to take my prayers to Heaven as soon as possible
and ask for me and my anguish, for this that I need so much:

(now say the problem and what you want to obtain).

For your great merits of prompt obedience

to the opinion of your dear parents;

of selfless resignation before the harshness of your husband;

charitable and heroic immolation of your little and beloved children;

of acute sorrow to see the difficulties that you had to enter

in the abode of your desires, the religious cloister;

for the intense pain caused by the thorn on your forehead;

ask, kindly saint, saint that you never abandon,

the Lord grant me what through your mediation

Y with great anxiety my soul wishes and I have requested with this prayer.

If He, in His infinite Love, wants, He can grant it to me,

for his Divine Hand is omnipotent in heaven and earth
and is always open to help her children
when he sees that we are suffering and we are having a hard time.

I ask if it were for the greater glory of the Most High,

for your honor and the good of my soul,

see soon heard and answered my request,

whose good result, at your request,

I trust to obtain from the power and goodness of his fatherly heart.

So be it. For Christ Jesus +

“Saint Rita of Cassia, saint with a good and helpful heart,

you who are the lawyer of the impossible cases,

of the most desperate and that we consider lost:

pray for your devotee ……. (say your name now)

(This paragraph is repeated three times). ”

Pray three Our Fathers, three Hail Marys and three Glories.
Do the prayer and prayers for three consecutive days.

Saint Rita de Cascia (Casia) during her life did not stop helping those who suffered, both spiritually and materially. There are many miracles that she worked when she was on earth and, now, from her place in the Celestial Homeland, the favors she grants and the miracles that are obtained when she is approached in adversity are innumerable. Ask with faith, pray to this Saint so known worldwide that she does not leave you in oblivion, but above all, do not lose confidence, wait and soon you will see your problems solved.