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Powerful Prayers


Oh holy and angelic patron saint of students
oh efficient and great protector of examinees,

forever be blessed and revered, glorious Galgani Gem:

You who for your virtues received from Heaven

intelligence so clear and memory so happy,

you who by your efforts always occupied

the first and most privileged places in the classes,

you reached the highest notes in tests and exams,

and you got extraordinary prizes in public contests,
pray for us that today we need your help.

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Oh holy gem, you that inflamed with the most tender charity

towards others, towards those around you,

you anguished and felt as your own

the failures of your classmates,

since you contemplate from the heights where you now dwell

my past carelessness, my reluctance and negligence

in the fulfillment of school duties,

I beg you to be my example and reaches of the Lord

the help that on this occasion I humbly implore.

I need to improve my studies in all aspects,
ask Jesus to enlighten everything I do, pray for me
so that I can advance without obstacles in my studies.

Oh beloved saint, I turn to you asking for your mediation,
let me get everything I need to get through these moments:
discipline to dedicate my efforts and not lose heart,
ability to learn and not forget what has been studied,
inspiration to succeed in everything that comes my way
and, when the moment comes, I know how to apply everything I have learned;
give me strength and dedication, give me constancy and responsibility
so that I know how to straighten my knowledge

to the greater glory of God and sanctification of my soul,

and that, singularly, in this special circumstance
in what am I going to examine myself, what am I going to take a test,

preserve rectitude of intentions, serenity of mind

Excellent concentration and balance of nerves,
I request above all your help to:

(ask now what you want to achieve in particular).

Holy Gem, I have come to you with confidence,
knowing how much you help students,
I request your intercession so that what I ask for is fulfilled,
that I can carry out the exam that worries me,
what for, getting the brilliant grades

for which I sigh and that are precise for my future

praise your protection and very effective validation

and bless the lord for all its sovereign benefits,

now and always, and forever and ever.

Pray an Our Father, a Hail Mary and a Gloria.
Say the prayer with great hope for three days in a row,
better if they are the ones before the exam or test.

Santa Gema (Italy 1878-1903) is considered the very effective and powerful patron, lawyer and intercessor of those who are studying or passing tests.

During her earthly life she dedicated herself, with all her being, first to pleasing the Lord, to fulfilling her obligations as a good Christian and not to stop practicing the Gospel, and then not to disappoint her family by being an exemplary student. Despite suffering from illness, she did not stop studying and striving to be the best in her class.

Ask the Lord that through Saint Gema your studies, your academic classes, your exams and, in general, your school life go along the best paths and be productive, so that you can achieve the goals you have set.