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Powerful Prayers


Oh Saint Martin, my brother!Attend me!

In my sorrows and tribulations, console me.

In my dangers and adversities, help me.

In my weaknesses and temptations, protect me.

In my ailments and diseases, help me;
for the grace you received from God, for your great goodness,
for the much help you always gave to others

beneficent Saint Martin, I beg you, give me everything I need,

O kind and compassionate brother of mine! hear me !:

in the anguish of my poverty, comfort me,
in the losses of my misfortune,
save me,
in my burdens, my sorrows and discouragements,
protect me,

in my emotional and relationship difficulties, help me,

intercede blessed Saint Martin so that the Merciful Lord

help me in what makes me suffer so much today:

(make the request with faith and hope).

Miraculous Saint Martin de Porres, I have confidently turned to you,
I have placed my sincerest hopes before you,
for your great heart always ready to give without receiving,

for the enormous charity you showed

and for the deserved glory that you enjoy today in Heaven,
give me your protection and with your special courage

Help me get what I hopefully request.

Glorious brother Fray Martín, sweet apostle of faith,
Universal patron of Peace, father of the poor and the sick,
that you walked firmly for the salvation of souls,
make him know how to imitate your fidelity to the Lord,

and, now and always, with your example,

teach me to take up my cross every day, not to despair,
teach me to be more generous with my fellow men,
to love all creatures, as you did,
not to separate myself from the teachings of the Gospel,
to be a good person, fair, patient, sincere and altruistic,
and, above all, reach me the divine grace and the glory of heaven.

Amen. +

Pray three Our Fathers, three Hail Marys and Glory Be.

O merciful God, good and compassionate Father,
that you gave us in the blessed Fray Martín
a perfect model of humility, mortification and charity;
and without looking at his condition, but at the fidelity with which he served,
you magnified him to glorify him in your kingdom,
among the choirs of angels!

Look at us compassionate and make us feel your powerful intercession.

San Martín “the good one”, “the humble one”, “the charitable one”,

lived only for You and wasted charity with men,

and You, through this saint, gave us proof of your goodness

and he was diligent in helping those most in need;

he in your Name, and for your glory, did, and continues to do,

numerous miracles for the good of others

for this I beg you to be kind, by its merits,

make me free from the evils that afflict me,

from the tribulation that afflicts me and the need that surrounds me,

through this holy Apostle of charity

make me receive the comfort that I seek in my sadness

and make my life abundant with blessings.

Most High Lord of all creation,

I ask it for your honor and the salvation of souls.
So be it.

The prayer together with the prayers is done three days in a row.

Saint Martin de Porres, according to Pope John XXIII, is a saint not for a nation, but for the whole world. “Religious of the Dominican order gave himself to God with a pure love and without measure. With humility, obedience, and strength, I endure humiliation, envy, and misunderstanding. He was so loved by the people that he received the nickname of Martin the good and Martin the charitable.

He dedicates his life to curing the sick, providing food, clothing and comfort to the marginalized and helping the poor. Throughout his life he made continuous miracles of different kinds, the favors obtained through his intercession are infinite, so now he is invoked for all kinds of problems and needs.. His festival is celebrated on November 3.