Prayer of Saint Mark of León

Prayer to San Marcos de León

Prayer yo San Marcos de León


We can ask San Marcos de León when we need to win the battles of our lives, he is a Saint who gives you protection to tame your enemies. If you have a rivalry at work, family nucleus or with your partner it is time for you to start praying to Saint. You must do it with a lot of faith, every time you can pray his prayer and you can offer him a candle so that everything is loved in your favor.

St Marcos de León protects you during the fights, you should be asked to tame our opponent, but also to protect us in all our steps. Somehow, this saint will alert us to dangers.

If you face a dramatic situation of confrontation, do not hesitate to ask San Marcos de León. You don't need to say a prayer, just do it from the bottom of your heart. People of faith mention that San Marco de León helps you fall in love, leaving the person you love by your side.
However, traditions have left us beautiful prayers passed down from generation to generation, we point out just a few.

  1. Prayer of San Marcos de León to put a person at your feet
  2. Prayer for falling in love

Prayer of San Marcos de León to put a person at your feet

San Marcos de León, I beg you and ask you from the bottom of my heart to help me in this fight.
Intercede to tame (person's name),

show him that I don't want to hurt him, but I need him to clear my way.

I only ask for justice, intercede for everything to flow in my favor.

Master all visible and invisible forces put it at my feet, just as you dominated the beasts.


Prayer for falling in love

You should know that it will only work if the person has pure and sincere feelings. If he does not turn to see you, that in love is not for you.

San Marcos de León I give you my faith so that you bring to my heart (name of the person).

promise you that I will be a faithful companion and lover,

I will be in good times and bad. I only ask you to open his eyes so I can be on his way.


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