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Powerful Prayers



In this post we will offer you the prayer to San Marcos de León for work, if you find yourself going through a strong economic situation and cannot find a job, do not worry if you pray with great faith and devotion to San Marcos he will listen to your pleas and will come to your aid.


Prayer to Saint Mark of León for work

At some point in our life we ​​may be presented with the case that we are going through a not very complex situation since we cannot find work due to various factors and because of it our economic situation is affected and it is a circumstance that torments and worries us greatly. that by not having any economic income you can be totally ruined.

However, many people go to Saint Mark through prayer and ask him to help them in this situation and entrust him to him before entering a job interview and in this way he comes to their aid and listens to their pleas, then we will describe A prayer to San Marcos de León for work, pay close attention and when reciting do it with great faith and devotion towards this great saint:

Oh holy Evangelist, most glorious Saint Mark of León, on this day I come before you, since you are the one chosen by our beloved Most High so that in this way you take charge of extending his holy Kingdom, that with love and eloquence you gave us the holy sacred word of our beloved father so that this word would be our light and guide and saving doctrine, that is why this time I come before you asking for your assistance in my needs, I invoke you requesting your powerful help and defense to overcome the spirit of evil that It surrounds me getting in the way and making it difficult for me to prosper.

I know my Saint Mark that with all that strength, courage and fortitude with which you managed to defeat the lion and by your own merits, by your unparalleled virtue, you enjoy singular grace before the Lord, that is why I come to implore you to please extend your blessed helping hand to me. I believe in you, I hope in you, in your power I trust eternally because I am sure of your mercy and your goodness and I know that each and every one of my prayers will take them to the celestial kingdom, to God the eternal father whose greatness I praise and whom I appreciate your mercies towards me.

With my heart in hand, I ask you to listen to my great need to be able to find a job in order to provide a better quality of life for my whole family, since this situation that we are going through torments me greatly and my family is the most affected, it is because That is why with my heart I come to implore you not to abandon me and help me in such a situation Saint Mark, I beg you to help me get away from my path all those obstacles that do not prevent me from improving and strengthening my finances, I ask you to give me enough strength and courage to get out of all this situation that hurts me so much.

Guide each of my steps so that I can wisely understand what is best for my life and what makes me happy I want positive changes to take place in my life, for good to come and all bad to go away, so that everything is done for the benefit of me and the people I love and around me. I beg you to intercede before God our Lord Jesus Christ for all these requests that this day and I do this here on my knees before you, begging you to listen to me and do not abandon me because I am very desperate and I cannot find tranquility and peace in such a situation.

Oh blessed Saint Marcos de León, enlighten my paths, you who are a powerful benefactor and give us help to advance in economic and labor issues, so that I can enrich my life as soon as possible in the spiritual, labor and material plane, and that my economic projects are materialized; I need to be freed from the burdens that overwhelm me and from everything that prevents me from getting ahead and progressing. I ask for your protection and strength, your refuge and assistance, so that my enemies are tamed and dominated, and in this way bad luck abandons me forever and the stagnation that now binds me is effectively dispelled.

Unleash and release everything that prevents me from having peace, my troubles are great and I cannot maintain my home; I need a good and profitable job, and that my life is open to abundance, wealth, prosperity, everything positive and beneficial, especially pray for me so that I can obtain this immense favor from my Lord Jesus and from my Mother Mary:

(Say now, with great faith and hope, what is to be achieved by the efficient intervention of the Evangelist).

San Marcos de León, effective consolation of the afflicted, bless me, bless me, bless me, never stop blessing me and being my lawyer and protector, reach out to me, I beg of you, what I need and desire so that everything flows in my life with peace and harmony, and abundance, luck and fortune come to me.

May your protection assist me to be worthy of God, it also heals the wounds left in my soul by sin and faults, mistakes and rudeness, taking me among the storms that complicate my existence with a firm and sure hand to the port of the Homeland Celestial, where I get, the apostles, saints and angels can be and personally thank God for his favors.

Praise the Holy Evangelist Mark!

Praise be to all men and nations.

So be it.


Accompany the prayer with our Father, a Hail Mary and a Gloria, in addition to doing it with great faith and devotion and always keeping in mind that Saint Mark is very powerful and kind and will listen to your prayers and will not abandon you at any time.

Prayer to San Marcos de León for abundance

Oh San Marcos de León, you who are the blessed saint of protection and are our help in the financial issues that worry and disturb us so much, this time I come before you to implore you to grant me the wisdom and intelligence to take the best financial needs in my life and in the face of this complex situation that I find myself going through. And in this way to enrich myself not only with material goods but also with a spirit of peace and harmony.

I ask you San Marcos to give me claws so that in this way I can face every obstacle that I encounter on my way and the most important thing I can overcome with my head held high and with great courage sir.

I beg you because from this moment sir, you are the one who guided each of the steps that I cannot take in my life, you and only you will guide me on the right path and you will open the door of abundance, so that this may fortune accompany me on my paths, may good luck smile on me in finances, may I multiply my investments, and may with wisdom and luck I be able to make everything I want possible, especially give me your valuable intercession to: (ask what I know so much is needed).

Allow me now the happiness of being able to face my financial problems, everything that saddens me and worries me Saint Mark, Blessed and beloved

So be it, so be it amen sir

To finish the prayer, three Our Father, three Hail Mary and a creed must be said, in addition the prayer must be performed for three days in a row without any interruption. And if you always remember that prayers should be done with great care and confidence in what we are requesting.


Prayer to tame our boss

If in our work we are presenting an irregular situation with our boss, we can go to divine help without any problem, below you can find a prayer dedicated to San Marcos de León to tame that boss who only makes life impossible for us and also who always be taunting bad so we do our work in the best way.

Rest assured that through this prayer Saint Mark will listen to your supplications and will immediately come to give you his unconditional support in the face of such a situation that you are living daily in your workplace:

Oh great San Marcos de León, you who are the just saint and the protector of all of us who was appointed by our beloved father, this time I come to you, blessed San Marcos de León, since you were the one who avoided the misfortune of the dragon , you who despite your own weaknesses and trusting in the grace and strength of the Lord, with humility and firmness subdued beasts and enemies, I beg you confidently and with great faith:

I ask you blessed Saint Mark that you love the heart, the bad feelings and the bad thoughts of my boss who daily takes it against me, I dedicate myself to doing my job in the best way comes to my workplace to do each of my tasks as it should and I only dedicate myself in leather and soul to carry out my projects at work. And from my boss I only receive bad treatment and bad comments from my person and my work sir, you know how bad I feel in such a situation, but this is the livelihood of my family and my home sir for that reason I ask you to help me.

That is why I want to ask you that everything bad that you want me and everything bad that you say to me be blocked as soon as possible that everything that stops my evil and my ruin never reaches my lord. Peace, peace, Christ , Christ, Dominum.
Peace, peace, Christ, Christ, Dominum Nostrum.

With your strength and power and with the help of Saint John and the Holy Spirit if they have eyes, do not look at me, if they have hands, do not touch me, if they have tongues, do not speak to me, that with the irons they have, they do not hurt me, help me with your mediation to:
(ask what you want to achieve).

Peace, peace, Christ, Christ, Christ, Christ Dominum Nostrum.
San Juan if your friends come, let them come.
San Marcos if the righteous arrive, let them draw near.
Peace, Peace, Christ, Christ, Christ
Dominum Nostrum.

San Marcos de León, just as you quenched the lion’s thirst and remained dominated by your feet, calm my adversaries and everyone who seeks my evil, defeat them so that they cannot harm me, temper them, that they do not approach me, dominate them, so that do not reach me.

Peace, peace, Christ, Christ, Christ
Dominum Nostrum.

My enemies are brave like the lion, but they will be tamed, surrendered and dominated by San Juan and the power of San Marcos de León. Peace, peace, Christ, Christ Dominum Nostrum.

So be it.

This prayer must be accompanied by 3 Our Fathers, 3 Hail Mary, 3 glories and to culminate 3 creeds, in addition, the prayer must be repeated for three days in a row at the same time and without any day of interruption. And as it was already committed in previous lines, the prayers must always be recited with great faith, confidence and security and always keeping in mind what we are requesting and that we have already conceived.