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Powerful Prayers


Blessed Saint Mark of León, I ask for your help,
I know that sometimes I forget about you and for that I apologize,

I know that I only look for you when the need squeezes me,
But you know that deep in my heart I trust you
from today I promise to be more faithful and keep you present in my prayers,
and not stop thanking the Lord who put you in my way.

Oh glorious Saint Mark of Leon,
powerful with actions and effective with words,
blessed saint of protection, advocate for the poor,
pattern of just and urgent causes
miraculous intercessor before the Lord
and great helper in financial matters that concern us,
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I ask you to grant me wisdom, strength and tenacity,

to possess what I need and require so much

to enrich on the various planes material and spiritual.

Endow me with powerful claws

that they can face every obstacle
let him appear before me.

That, from this very moment,

let your firm steps guide me on the path

towards the opening of abundance,
may fortune accompany me on my paths,
may good luck smile on me in finances,
that multiply my investments,
and that with wisdom and luck
I can make everything I want possible,
especially give me your valuable intercession to:

(ask what is so much needed).

Allow me now the bliss
to be able to face my financial problems,
to everything that saddens and worries me.

Ask the good Jesus not to let go of his protective hand,

ask Mary Most Holy to cover me with her protective Mantle,

ask God not to stop giving me His Holy Help.

San Marcos de León, help me in the troubles that life gives me,
in the inconveniences that are presented to me daily,
make the financial problems that afflict me end,
May I enjoy abundance and prosperity in my life and that of mine.

Oh great Evangelist, may your protection and help make me feel
that I can get out of any money problem
Well, although I try hard, I ……. (say your name and surname)

I can’t get it alone

I beg you to beg for my grave and many needs before Them,
may the greatness of his mercy come to me

and I can see fulfilled as soon as possible what I humbly request.

You know that I deposit in you my illusion and hope,

that you have my total and sincere trust
Well, I am certain that you will bring me closer to Jesus and the Virgin

and that, because of your great interest in helping those who suffer,

neither today nor ever will you leave me in oblivion.

Saint Mark of Leon, benefactor of those who are afflicted,

that with your strength and power keep me firm in faith,

may your kindness of heart open mine to others,

May your virtues be my example in everything I do.

Through Jesus Christ, our friend, brother and Lord.

So be it, so be it, so be fulfilled what I ask.

Pray three Our Fathers, a Hail Mary and a Gloria.

You have to do prayer and prayers for three days in a row.

You can light a red candle any of the three days,

once it is turned on, do not turn it off, let it burn out completely.

The mission of Saint Mark, like that of the Apostles, who were and are the evangelizers of all times, and that of the Christian who is consistent with his vocation, should not have been easy, as evidenced by his martyrdom. It must have been full of joys, and also misunderstandings, sadness, fatigue and dangers, following in the footsteps of the Lord, but, despite the setbacks, it did not stop hoping for holy divine help and it was a focus of love for God that illuminated with his words and deeds to all people.

He is a very protective saint, as well as an advocate for just causes, being of great comfort and relief when we are in trouble, Saint Mark is a reason for hope. He always trusted in Divine grace, pray with immense fervor and do not stop trusting in his power of intercession before the Lord.