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Powerful Prayers

Prayer to San Juan Cancio

Saint John Song was born in Poland in 1937From an early age he decided to become a Priest and thus began teaching as a professor at the University of Krakow.


The envy of the people around him made him have to be forced to work as a parish priest in a distant town. But this did not last long and after a few years I returned to teach classes on the Holy Bible and always repeated this speech:

“We fight sin but we love the sinner. We attack the error, but we do not want violence against anyone, violence always hurts, instead patience and kindness open the doors of hearts “

San Juan Cancio always repeated that it is not necessary to speak ill of people, not to murmur or offend others that the damage is very difficult to reverse. He was a saint who helped the poorest and most needy and that he demonstrated with various works of charity. He passed away on December 24 and after his departure, many miracles occurred in his name and various favors were obtained by asking for his intercession.

🙏Oración San Juan Cancio🙏

Beloved Saint John Cancio, whom almighty God has you in his kingdom,
Grant us to grow in holiness following the example of Saint John of Kety,
your priest, so that, exercising love and mercy with your neighbor,
let us obtain your forgiveness.

Teach me I ask you to earn kindness and love
of the people who oppose my vocation to you,
help me forgive them and stay patient
While I wait for you to light up her heart

Through our Lord Jesus Christ,
your Son, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit
and he is God forever and ever.