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Powerful Prayers


Oh my good Saint Joseph, blessed guardian of the Child God,

chaste and most faithful husband of the Virgin Mary,
that with humility you were their protective shadow

Y with dedication you used all your love and your life

in the perfect fulfillment of your duty towards Them,
Oh Saint Joseph, a worthy, just and kind man
that, with love, wisdom and dedication you were his best guardian
you gave them shelter and knew how to deal with everyday problems
and with your efforts you met their daily needs,
bless each member of my family and cover us with your protection.

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Most loving Saint Joseph, model of holiness,
come to us in despair
and lend us your very effective and prompt help.

You who supported the Holy Family of Nazareth

with the tireless work of your hands,
you who lovingly protected them under your tutelage,
kindly help those on earth
with affection we confidently turn to you

and we implore you to assist us with your beneficial patronage.

Blessed Saint Joseph, listen carefully to our prayers;

tú you know our aspirations, projects and hopes,
you know what we need and it causes restlessness,
and above all, you bring us closer to Mary and the divine Child God
when the worries and the many afflictions
they distress us and do not let us rest in peace.

So today we turn to you with hope and enthusiasm,

because we know that you understand us in your heart,

and, with your prayers, you help us, take care of us, protect us and defend us.

You also knew of trials, of difficulties at home,

and you went through anguish, fatigue and heartache,
but that is not why you stopped trusting in Divine Providence,
and with effort and hope you knew how to overcome obstacles.

Saint Joseph, I admire you, because even within the concerns

Both materials of life as the spiritual of the soul,

your spirit was filled with deep peace and affection

and burst full of true joy

because of the intimate treatment you had and you enjoyed
with the Son of God that was entrusted to you by the Spirit of God

as was his tender Mother, the Blessed Mary.

We ask you, blessed Saint Joseph, to be our mediator,
be you who opens the doors to happiness and tranquility,
to job stability and economic prosperity;
for the great love you felt for Jesus and Mary,

for your merits, your affections and holy virtues,
for the veneration they profess you in Heaven
and for the great esteem that we pay you on earth
for how much you want our well-being,

help us promptly in our homes and jobs,

that you intercede favorably so that we benefit
in this dire need that today oppresses and worries us:

(ask now with immense faith and much hope

what you need to achieve through the intercession of Saint Joseph).

Lord Saint Joseph, who like you to achieve the impossible,
who like you to care for those who suffer for work and money,
to those of us who with so much faith come to you asking for your miracles
Please listen to us kind saint;
I know that you are constantly next to each one of us
and you do not abandon us or abandon us at any time,
I ask you to answer my prayers and those of my brothers as soon as possible,
that we do and ask you with such enthusiasm.

Our needs are exposed before you,

before you we leave everything that worries us, Please, generously assert your power before Jesus and Mary,
and, safe and confident in your mediation before them
We sincerely thank you in advance.

Holy blessed, we invoke you in our present adversities

and we ask you to also be the one to guide us to be better,
give us constancy so as not to stop trusting in God,
fill our hearts with dedication to others

and send us all the blessings that we need
in order to persevere in faith and the hope
and arrive in good disposition to the joy of Heaven with Jesus,

with the Virgin Mary, the Angels, Archangels and the other Saints

and sing with you his divine mercies.

So be it, so be fulfilled what I ask. +

Pray three Our Father with great devotion,
three Hail Marys and three Glories.

Do with a lot of faith and hope,

and fully trusting to be heard by Saint Joseph
who is attentive to our needs,
prayer and prayers for three days in a row.