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Powerful Prayers


Glorious Saint Charbel intercessor in all difficult problems

hear our prayers, you who achieved glory before God
help us to overcome and get out of these bad times!

O Venerated Saint! Saint of love and compassion,

you who spent your life in solitude, dedicated to prayer,

that you gave yourself to God in a humble and retired hermitage,

you whothat you did not think about the world or its joys,
and you were greatly blessed with gifts and graces,
attend, I beg you, to those who now with illusion before you cry out.

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O miraculous Saint Charbel, saint of those who suffer,
of those who despair of not being able on their own
leave the needs and problems that fill their lives,
today I prostrate before you and ask you to have compassion
and help me get the solution that I long for.

O blessed, acclaimed and venerated Saint Charbel,
whatthat you are seated at the right hand of God the Father,

I ……. with hope I ask you to use your power of intercession

so that the merciful Father extends his blessed hand to us
did all of us who are waiting for a miracle

and help us in difficulties with his mercy,

so that with his love and kindness enlighten our mind,
increase our faith and fortify our will,
so that with your help we can advance with a firm step
without erring, without fear and with the paths open to prosperity
because the road to success is always under construction,
to continue our prayers and supplications

before you, the Virgin Mary, the Angels and all the saints.

Oh Saint Charbel! mighty saint who works miracles

and from your hands come an abundance of supernatural wonders,

What about you you heal the sick, drive away evils and sorrows,

You restore reason to those who are disturbed,

you restore sight to the blind and the movement to the paralyzed,

you who give love to those who live with stress or loneliness,

you seek safe shelter for the homeless

and justice to those who feel unjustly threatened,
come to us, ease our adversities,

Saint Charbel, you who welcome the harassed under your protection

and give effective help to those in need,

make us feel your goodness, look at us with mercy,

assist us with your mercy and grant us the grace

that in this bad situation we are going through is so precise
and confidently and with unlimited faith we implore you:

(make the request with humility and confidence).

Saint Charbel venerable monk who attends us when we invoke you,

We ask for your intercession in these hard and difficult times,
please grant us promptly what we request
and give us your protection in our lives, in our homes,

keep us from all enemies, evils and dangers,

to show us clear the way of salvation.

Help us to do good and avoid evil,
help us to be better and to have charity with our fellow men,
help us to find the peace that the Lord gives us
no longer doubt that He is permanently by our side
to love us and give us His Holy Help when we need it,
so that we may receive refuge and help from Him
every time we are suffering from deficiencies,
and burdened by the afflictions that prevent us from being happy,
every time those problems arise
that we cannot solve on our own.

We ask this for the hope that we place in you
and through Jesus Christ Our Lord, who together with the Father and the Holy Spirit
reign in Heaven today, tomorrow and for all eternity.

Amen. +

Now repeat the request that you make through the mediation of Saint Charbel
so that God the Father, in his mercy, grant it to you as soon as possible
and pray a Creed with great faith and devotion,
an Our Father, a Hail Mary and a Gloria.

You have to do the prayer and prayers three consecutive days,
if you want you can light a white or purple candle.