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Powerful Prayers


Oh glorious Saint Alejo, devoted and devoted soul,

Virtuous saint, blessed saint,

that inspired by the Lord you moved away from family life,

and you knew how to give up everything to live alone and begging,
to you, who, following in the footsteps of Christ, were charitable,
we thank you for what you reach us from heaven
when afflicted by evils we invoke you
and we beg you to give us your powerful protection.

you who by your prayers found favor with Mary,
go to her in my name and bring her my affections,
ask him to keep me and take refuge under his mantle.

Saint Alexius blessed, world-wide admired and venerated saint,

you who have the power to drive away all the bad
who surrounds the Lord’s servants in his earthly life,

I beg you to come to me, protect and defend me
and give me energy, strength and courage

to overcome and get out of the evils that harm me.

Today I invoke you because I need your help
work in my favor and don’t leave me abandoned,
with all humility and sincerity I ask you to be my help
and drive away the enemy and evil from my side.

Keep me away from Satan and evil spirits,

keep me from the liar, the mean and the treacherous,
of the traitor, the slanderer and the harmful,

separate my life, my home, my possessions and work
of curses, deceptions, evil eye and bad tongues,

keep me away from a bad friend, from a bad neighbor, from a bad relative,
and of everyone who wants see me surrendered-a and sunk-a.

Keep me from envy of evil and injustice,

keep me from jealousy and resentment, of rejection and loneliness,

hide me where they can’t find me

those who want to cause my downfall.

Oh Glorious Saint Alejo! called “the Man of God”

bring me closer to the good Jesus and the protective Virgin Mary,

so that with its divine benefits and through your mediation
cover me with the abundance of all your goods

guide me along the paths that lead to Eternal Salvation
and free me from all spiritual and earthly evil,

beg them to help me get divine grace
that with fervor and humility today I come to request:

(say now the problem you have and what you want to achieve)

Saint Alexius pious, Saint Alexius strong, Saint Alexius immortal,
in you I leave what torments me,
you who distribute your favors and blessings from Glory,
do not let me suffer night or day,
for your many merits and prayers,

by the Blessed Virgin Mary, through his beloved Son Jesus Christ

by the grace and gifts of the Holy Spirit,

have mercy on me, give me the help that I need so much

and please do not ignore my request.

Amen +

Oh Lord, You who infused in the glorious Saint Alejo
the virtue of perfect humility, obedience and charity,
make me know how to imitate him and goodness reign in my heart
and know how to do good to my brothers as he did;
through his mediation I ask you to enlighten my works and thoughts,
May your patronage help me to be humble,
to fight pride, vain praise and arrogance
and know how to do my best at all times to please you,
listen to me my God and for the honor of this your beloved servant
make me reach of your goodness

the great favor I have requested. So be it.

Pray three Our Fathers, three Hail Marys and three Glories.

Do the prayer and prayers for three days in a row, repeat it several times a day, and above all, Pray with devotion and confidence so that your wishes are fulfilled as soon as possible and so everything that causes you harm is removed from your life and yours, so that you have peace and tranquility.

The best day to start is Saturday, but if you can’t, make sure that one of the three days you have to do it is Saturday.

If you want to put a candle that is purple, or lilac, or green or white. Throw any remaining wax in the trash.