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Powerful Prayers

Prayer to Saint Viator – Strengthening my vocation to God day by day


Very little is known about the history and biography of Saint Viator, being that from a very young age his mother instilled religion in him, taking him to Bishop San Justo and thus he can instill the vocation and love of Christ.

He was a great catechist, so much so that they both lived a great story. San Justo decided to go to the desert without saying anything to anyone, but San Viator, who was his secretary, realized what he was going to do and decided to follow him. They had difficult times but they followed that vocation in prayer and penance until they returned and a commission from Lyon decided to take several monks away.

Saint Justo died in December 390 and Saint Viator only saw him die and was very sad, so much so that Saint Justo dedicated a few words to him “We have both fought together in this life to please the Lord God, we will also go in company to his heavenly kingdom”. And so it is that 7 days later Saint Viator passes away.

🙏Prayer to Saint Viator🙏

Saint Viator, oh you who left everything you had to follow next to Jesus,
I ask you to achieve the values ​​of obedience, purity and virtues that only YOU have
towards the Heart of Jesus, in order to continue strengthening my vocation
and may always remain faithful to God until death,
to be one day reunited with you in the kingdom of Heaven.

🙏Prayer of the young people to Saint Viator🙏

Saint Viator, I ask you to remember us,
who chose you to be our model and protector.
This day I want to thank you for taking care of us and
may you always keep us awake to the Word of God.

We ask you to instill in us to help those most in need,
and love for catechesis, lectures and service in the liturgy,
that as your example we extend the Kingdom of Heaven,
being disciples and missionaries of God
among the children and youth of our parish.


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