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Powerful Prayers


Oh blessed Valentine, by all the peoples hailed and praised,
saint of extreme faith that with ardor you preached the Divine Word,
for the greater glory of God and the conversion of souls;
that by your actions you won the affection of all,
you brought happiness to the needy and security to the unhappy
making it possible for couples who loved each other
were united forever in holy matrimony,
today I implore your help, I request you come to my aid
and make peace come to my soul and happiness to my life.

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Saint Valentine, blessed martyr of Christ
example of wisdom, righteousness, fervor and serenity,
in your earthly life you were respected as humble and determined
and today in glory, where you deservedly enjoy, you are very dear,
because by your faith, virtue and devotion you obtained grace before the Lord.

Pure man who comforts those who suffer and sustains the weak,
that you are attentive to spiritual and bodily needs
doing your best to put away their sorrows and sufferings
and you always tried that the good of one was the good of all,
on this occasion I request that by your power and by your goodness
take my requests before Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary,
go to their Sacred Hearts full of mercy
and ask them to do for me what I cannot do by myself
to greatly improve my love life.

Exalted protector of love, I want to receive your blessing;
to you who are charitable and extremely courteous to us
because you are a refuge and shelter for those who suffer,
I ask you to help me make my most intimate wishes come true
make my fatigue and suffering end,

make sure that my heart is not in darkness

present before him the light of Christ and the flame of true love.

I know you care especially for those who lack love
and you are obsequious with those who come before you with faith,
therefore in your prodigious hands I deposit what makes me feel bad
so that you open my ways to love and get me:

(ask what you need with a lot of faith and hope,
and trusting in the power of valentine in love affairs).

For your illustrious holiness, for your very effective intercession,
make me feel loved and get excited again,
give me clarity and confidence, guide my steps,
teach me to forget bad loves and sad memories,
drive away disappointments, bitterness, fears and fears,
give me hope and that it soon appears in my life

my soul mate, the wonderful being that I long for,
the other half of me, the great love that I need so much,
to the glory of God and everyone’s happiness.

Make my good valentine change my love life
that I can achieve the love that I long for,
May my heart fill and join with someone who loves me,
make a miracle work and a great love reaches me
a love that gives me encouragement, friendship, affection, security,
I want to feel the happiness of sharing my nights and my days,
I need to smile again with healthy joy, so I ask you:
do get to have with me the person who gives me stability
that I correspond with faithful love, delivered and true.

Glorious Valentine, I hope you grant me the grace that I request
pray for your devotee who with faith implores your favor,
you who when you were on earth helped so many couples,
help me too, use your power before Our Lord
so that I can soon find and have by my side whom I wish,
may my soulmate appear, my complement,
Please make love come to me again

I thank you for being a tireless protector of lovers,
I promise you that if my request is attended to by you,
I will be like you charitable-or with those who need it
I will make your name known and how miraculous you are
how quickly you intercede and how well you work on our behalf.

So be it. +

Pray three Our Fathers, three Hail Marys and three Glories.

You must do the prayer and the indicated prayers in the morning and at night for three consecutive days, better if you start on a Friday.

Put all your efforts so that your request reaches God through Valentine’s Day. This saint was a Roman priest at the end of the third century who faithfully gave himself to God and with great faith followed his Commandments until his martyrdom.

During his entire life he devoted himself body and soul to propagating Christianity. He was recognized for his desire to unite the hearts of those who loved each other in holy matrimony. With great kindness and tender compassion he did everything possible to help those who wanted to unite their lives and be a couple.

Today it is revered by all nations for how much it helps in sentimental matters.

Saint Valentine is a powerful shelter for those who suffer for love because He gives his unconditional support when he is approached in sadness. Is a saint who he comforts in heart problems and works great miracles among those who confidently invoke him when they want to achieve well-being in their marriage or solve the difficulties they have to achieve their wishes to be happy with those they love are fulfilled.