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Prayer to Saint Sabas – Protector and Guide of the Monks


Saint Sabas He was one of the monks who stood out the most in his time, since he instructed and guided many of them towards the path with God, our Lord.


He had a difficult childhood since his family did not want to educate him, he was rejected. He lived with his uncle who his father had left him in charge after leaving, he was a commander of an army in Turkey. He went to a monastery where he learned about the life of God and after spending several years as a monk decided to take a trip to Jerusalem.

His life was dedicated to prayer and penance, and that he also worked several hours a day so that what he earned was shared in food to the most needy.

He became Archbishop after accomplishing a mission that he set for himself, spending several years in the desert praying to the Lord. After that, he was in charge of 150 monks who came to San Sabas to be their guide to holiness.

Saint Sabas directed Saint John Damascene and Saint Theodore and many more monks as well as them. His father passed away and left an inheritance that decided to create two hospitals to help the sick. Saint Sabas died on December 5 and it is on this date that he is celebrated with the following prayer:

🙏 Prayer to Saint Sabas Abbot 🙏

Lord, we beseech you that the intercession of the holy Abbot Sabas make us agreeable before your Majesty, and that we obtain by his prayers what we cannot expect of our merits.

Through Jesus Christ, your son. Amen.

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