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Powerful Prayers


Most glorious prince Saint Raphael, “medicine of God”,
one of the seven angels who serve and they are present
before the glory of the Most High,
blessed archangel who guides us with a sure hand
and you stay with us when we need you,
when evil disturbs us and the enemy lurks,

oh Saint Raphael, sweetest torch of the eternal palaces,

Leader of the armies of the Almighty,

emissary of Divinity, organ of his Providences,

executor of his orders, secretary of his arcana,

universal resource of all the children of Adam.

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Archangel Saint Raphael, blessed Heavenly spirit,
What are you: friend and caretaker of your devotees,

companion and protector of walkers,

master of virtue, protector of innocence,

help of the afflicted, doctor of the sick,

help of the persecuted, scourge of demons,

and very rich treasure of the flows of God,
join us and guide us on our paths,
provide us with the benefits that flow from your power.

You are, Holy Angel, my most faithful companion, my custodian,

one of those seven most noble Spirits

that surround the throne of the Most High.

Confident in the great love

that you have manifested to men,

we humbly beg you to defend us

from the snares and temptations of the devil,

in all the steps and stations of our life,

that you protect us under your wings
and stay away from us, at all times,

the dangers of the soul and body

and the enemies that surround us,

that you tear down and dominate everywhere,

the evil and evil that stalks us,
that you protect us with your immense power of:

(state the problem and make the request with great faith).

I beg you to make it possible for us to see our orders fulfilled
so that we can live in peace, salvation and joy,
keep us from the dangers of the road,
deliver us from all pain, discomfort and disease,
defend us from any enemy attack,
keep us away from what may disturb our well-being,
as well as the bad deeds and the vicissitudes of life.

Finally, with complete trust in you, we beg you

you reach us from the throne of God, our Creator Father,

who because of your virtues do you attend so closely,

the inestimable gift of grace,

so that through it we may be one day

your perpetual companions in glory.

Amen. +

Pray the Creed, an Our Father, a Hail Mary and a Gloria with fervor.

Prayer and prayers are done three days in a row.

If you want to put a candle in it, its associated color is green, but you can also use light blue, gold or white candles. The candle is lit and does not go out until it is completely burned out. If you also want to clean up negativity, burn grain incense (or a specific cleaning and purification incense) and pass the smoke that gives off through all the rooms of the house (or business or workplace).

Raphael in Hebrew is: רָפָאֵל – Rāfā’ēl (Rafa’el). His name means: God heals, God has healed, God Healer, etc.

His name contains the word “rafa”, which in Hebrew means “to heal” and is associated with healing, being healed, purified, away from evil, repaired and medical.

Rafael is a spirit of a high degree of perfection worthy of veneration. He was sent by divine appointment to intervene in important events narrated in the Old Testament (Sara’s healing of the oppression of the devil, healing of the blindness of Patriarch Tobías, guide of the young Tobías, son of the Patriarch …)

He is the archangel associated with the Divine Cure and is the patron of many matters related to protection, he deals with liberating from evils and dangers, he is perfect to drive away and defend against demons and evil spirits; he is invoked for everything that concerns physical healing; He is a lawyer for doctors and health personnel in general, he is highly acclaimed and revered because he miraculously restores health to the sick …