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Powerful Prayers


Prostrate before your feet, and knowing how very miraculous you are,

Oh great and glorious Saint Philomena!

Oh girl full of graces for God granted!
I come to pay you my respects and fervent prayer;

take it kindly, you know I need you,
that I am suffering greatly and my strength is weakening,
do not ignore me, come to me, make me feel your very effective charity
give me your blessed hand in my despair

and obtain the graces that I so fervently ask and wish to obtain.

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Oh holy Philomena, pure and full of virtues,
patron saint of the most difficult and desperate causes
Advocate for the poor and afflicted with pain,
How much I would be grateful if you could end my sufferings.

My heart is troubled, my anguish is so great

that I feel strong the blows that life has given me
and everything overwhelms me, suffocates me and causes me pain.

You who always had hope in our Lord Jesus,
give me a little perseverance and make me more patient,
so that you never stop trusting Him and His Divine Aids;
you who made the Virgin Mary your example to follow
and you did not separate from Her even at the time of martyrdom,
make me take refuge in such a kind lady
and also receive her motherly comfort and remedy
now that misfortune oppresses me and anguish.

I resort to your powerful help with all my illusion,
well I heard that you never stop giving refuge in your heart
in favor of the sick, the weak, the unfortunate,
and those who in their misfortunes come to you and ask for a solution,
you who are illustrious for working the most amazing miracles

hear my prayer and make your generosity feel in my life.

Saint Philomena virgin and martyr: pray for me
you know that my difficulties are many
and my needs are increasing with each passing day

therefore, weary and without consolation, deprived of hope,
I ask you to obtain a favorable answer from God
in this case I humbly present to your plants:

(say the problem and ask what you want to achieve
through the powerful mediation of this prodigious saint).

In the loneliness that I feel and with anguish for the tribulations,

I hope to be attended to promptly by you,
because I have full assurance that by your merits,
for the love so pure and great that you felt for Jesus Christ
for the cruelty to which you were subjected when they tortured you,
for the injustice of your martyrdom at the young age of 13,
for being the favorite daughter of Mary Most Holy, Queen of Heaven and Earth
and for the many benefits that are obtained through you,
my request will be well received by God the Father
and He, in his infinite goodness, will make it possible for me to smile again
and may my tribulations and problems end forever.

Saint Philomena now that you enjoy Glory in your own right
and from there you send us your singular power of protection,
bestowed by God for the glory and honor of his own Name
I also request that you obtain forgiveness from the Lord,

Well, I recognize that I have made great mistakes and sins
and that I have not devoted enough time and fervor to pray,
I recognize that sometimes, through forgetfulness or carelessness,
I have not been constant in faith and in showing God my love,
but as of today I promise, with your help, to be a better person,
not stop practicing the virtue of charity with my brothers
no longer forget to express my love and adoration
to the Holy Trinity, God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
and to the sweet Mother of Jesus, the Virgin Mary,
that comforted your spirit when you were in prison.

Saint Philomena to you that nothing is denied you in the Heights
I ask you please do not stop carrying all my pleas,

see how many thanks and favors are necessary for me
to advance through life without impediments or penalties,
for the charity that burns in you in your tender and compassionate heart

do not stop giving me your help, you know that I need your blessing
and let the despair and desolation I feel go away from me,

I need peace to my soul and relief to my stormy life.

Pray for us all, dear Saint Philomena,
so that we may be worthy of the promises of our Lord Jesus.
Amen. +

To strengthen your love for God and the Virgin
Pray the Creed, Our Father and Glory with faith and fervor
and so that your prayers are better heard
do the prayer and prayers for at least three consecutive days.