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Powerful Prayers

Prayer to Saint Modesto – Asking to be Restorers of the Church

Saint Modesto is known as the restorer of the church, after the attack made by the Persians at that time.

Chosroes, the king of Persia in 600 AD decided to attack Jerusalem and destroy everything in its path in Palestine, temples, houses, altars, assassinate Catholics, sell them and even banish him from their lands like San Zacarías. The presence of Heraclitus had to arrive with his army to overthrow the Persians and drive them away from the land of the Catholics. And it is there when Saint Modesto who was sent by God and reflected in him to rebuild all the sacred sites that had been destroyed.

Saint Modesto asked for help from everyone he knew and that was how he rebuilt each temple and leave it as it was before. Even the Archbishop of Alexandria in Egypt decided to help by sending support of food, workers and pack animals. Heraclitus managed to recover the cross of Christ that had been stolen by the Persians, but when he returned he saw all the destruction of Jerusalem and the death of Archbishop San Zacarias, he flooded him in tears. And just as it was San Modesto took his position as archbishop, and continued his work of reconstruction.

Our Saint Modesto died after being poisoned while bringing aid shipments to town and we will always thank him for his faith and love for the church and how he wanted the house of God to be rebuilt.

When is San Modesto celebrated?

The holiday date is December 18

I also invite you to meet other saints who gave everything for the church:

🙏Prayer to Saint Modesto🙏

Lord, what have you made of your creation,
a reflection of your infinite beauty and goodness,
man in your image and likeness,
who do you put as a model,
to Saint Modesto, to venerate him
because you work miracles through his intercession when we ask him.

Therefore through your servant Saint Modesto
we beg you to grant us to be restorers of the modern church
to whom your children correspond to your love.
We ask you to give us the perseverance of faith
that he taught with his word and way of example.