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Powerful Prayers

Prayer to Saint Leocadia – Asking for Luck, Prosperity and Well-being

Saint Leocadia is the saint from

Toledo, Spain, who suffered a long time in a gourd but who did not stop praying day and night. She preferred to stay in that place to be in the beautiful upper palace, and that inspired veneration and respect by many followers of the church.

She maintained the strength that God gave her every day and never backed down from the torments that stalked her. In the temple of Toledo his soul is kept in prayer and his presence of how he adore the Lord even in the most difficult moments.

When is the saint of Santa Leocadia?

The festival is on December 9

🙏Prayer to Saint Leocadia🙏

Blessed Saint Leocadia,
That by the infinite power and mercy of the Lord
You were adorned with the gifts of virtue,
And that with constant and deep prayer,
You always showed fervent love for the Cross,
That you had pure chastity of soul and body,
And, with the confidence that strengthens,
You were worthy of the love of the Lord
Both in life and in your death,
Present our prayers before the throne of the Most High
And get us comfort and relief soon
In our sorrows and needs.

Saint Leocadia,
Virgin and martyr,
You who suffered persecution, cruel torments and jail
For confessing the name of lord,
That you destined the family riches
In favor of the most unfortunate and helpless,
That with care you personally cared for the sick,
And with charity you gave yourself to everyone who needed it,
Make sure that by your sponsorship we are listened and attended.

In our miseries, problems and difficulties,
That by your intercession, your merits and prayers
The ruin of our homes and businesses is gone
And let us have luck, wealth, well-being and prosperity,
Make holy blessed that with your valuable intercession
What we hopefully ask may be granted:

(Make Your Request Here with Lots of FAITH).

Holy girl Leocadia ask the Lord
That he hears and heeds our prayers,
And may he grant us to receive the gifts of the holy spirit,
To wake up in our hearts
The true pain of our sins
The sincere repentance when confessing them,
The right determination to correct our vices,
And so we straighten our steps on the path of holiness,
So that we risk our lives and be like you:
Light in the world, salt in the earth and ferment in the dough.
Through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Santa Leocadia Church