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Powerful Prayers

Prayer to Saint John of God to ask for the healing of a sick child

Prayer to Saint John of God to ask for the healing of a sick child

Glorious Saint John of God, good and noble soul,
that, magnified by God with his Power and His Grace,
you shared the sufferings and afflictions of others,
Now that you are with the good Jesus,
that honors you and does not deny you anything,
and you are our intercessor before health and illness,
I beg you, pray for the health of this sick child
and do your best to be healed-as soon as possible …
(name of the sick child).

You who distribute favors among all those who hope
implore your generosity and clemency,
as evidenced by a continuous series of miracles
worked for you in all the centuries, nations and people,
Look compassionately at this little creature
and give your assistance and affection from the Heavens.

Help him to fight this hard battle,
do not abandon him in this difficult and agonizing trance
and sends Archangel Saint Raphael to his bed
so that, just as you helped and protected you,
Be your friend and partner, protect and guard.

Saint John of God, glorious patron of the sick,
that you chose the most needy and those who suffered
to give them your love, care and attention
because they are the representation of the suffering Christ,
and you made an effort to do them good and charity,
in sustaining them, dressing and healing,
receives ……. with love and charity and asks for him-her,
so that in a short time he will recover his energy and vitality
and be a child-a saintly, joyful and blissful-a.

Saint John of God, slave of Jesus and Mary,
plead with fervor to the Blessed Virgin,
what is our protection and consolation,
Acune between your loving arms to …….
and with his maternal caresses he mitigates his pains;
ask the Child Jesus, who is the life and health of the sick,
that with its infinite love and mercy
cleanse your body of all physical and mental illness,
heal your ailments and restore your health,
so that he has a long and good life,
we love you and we need you by our side,
…… it is our joy and it fills our lives with happiness.

Saint John of God, blessed and miraculous
that your hands and heart do not separate
of this creature that suffers and suffers;
make the doctors and nurses who take care of …
receive light and guidance from God Almighty Father
and be wise to administer the right medicines,
Give us strength to your family and friends
so that we do not lose hope
and we know how to do everything necessary and precise
to face this situation with integrity and without decaying,
and above all, ask the Lord that from the Heights
contemplate with eyes of mercy, visit and heal
to your little servant-a ……. who needs you so much.

Blessed and famous Saint John of God,
I know that my order will be heard
and for that I thank you in advance,
and I keep waiting
with all the hope and confidence
May my soul and heart be capable.

Oh God grant that,
following the example of Saint John of God
let’s carry in the heart and demonstrate in practice
love for the poor, for the sick and needy,
and extend your usual kindness over …
saves, cares and heals …….
who is afflicted by the disease,
Father God, grant him the help of your Power
so that his illness is changed by total health
and the sadness we now have becomes joy.

Through Jesus Christ, our Lord.


Pray three Our Fathers, Hail Mary and Glory.