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Powerful Prayers

Prayer to Saint Helena of Jerusalem to despair a Man

Glorious Saint Helena, Glorious Saint Helena, Glorious Saint Helena, daughter of the Queen of Jerusalem. You went to Jerusalem, you brought three nails, you consecrated the first one, and you threw it out to sea on Tuesday; the second you gave it to your brother Cipriano, so that in battle he would win beforehand. And the one who is still in your blessed palm, I borrow it and not give it away, to nail it in the soul of (Here the name of the man you want to despair) so that he does not forget me, to sink it in his forehead so that he has me always present, to bury it in the heart. San Caralampio, bring it to me. Saint Helena, the nail that I ask is to nail it to your mind, so that in me you always think. That Santa Elena comes, that neither in bed can lie down, nor with any woman to talk, that like a rabid dog he looks for me again. Holy Man, I’m asking you to never forget me for another woman. Jesus of Nazareth, I drew him to me. Santa Barbara, that So-and-so will never forget me. San Antonio, that So-and-so can keep his promise or be devoured by insomnia. San Juan Bautista, Saint before you were born, grant me what I ask of you; That So-and-so will comply with me for the Santa Camisa that they put you in a hurry. San Miguel, stand on it. San Cipriano, listen to me when I call you. Elena, move your heart with your wand of sorrow. Saint Helena, bring it to me, save me from this condemnation.