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Powerful Prayers

Prayer to Saint Francis Xavier for Health, Love and Money


San Francisco Javier is the Patron Saint of the missionaries, he was born in Navarra in 1506. He decided to study in Paris and later join the group of San Ignacio. He was a priest in Rome and had several works of charity. Then he decided to visit other countries such as India and Japan to carry out evangelization.

If you want to know more about his life, I invite you to read his biography here and below I invite you to know the prayers asking for her intercession:

What day is San Francisco Javier?

The celebration is on December 3

🙏Prayer to Saint Francis Xavier🙏

Oh, great Saint Francis Xavier! Blessed and glorious,
tireless preacher
and prodigious missionary
that in the service of God the Father
you traveled the whole world:
next to you I adore the Divine Majesty,
I’m especially glad for thanks
that gave you in life
and for the glory he gave you after death,
I thank God, and I ask you,
with all the affection of my heart,
that through your powerful intercession
you can grant me, above all things,
the grace to live a life of holiness
and a holy death.

Holy protector of lost causes
glorious Saint Francis Xavier!
you who never gave up,
I beg you to assist me with your power
and help me in this special need
that anguishes me and I consider lost:

(to make the request)

but if what I ask of you is not for the glory of God
and the good of my soul,
I beg you, grant me the necessary graces
to make it
as well as your perpetual protection,
in order to,
encouraged by your example and your assistance
May I live holy
and achieve the eternal glory of Heaven.


Pray nine Our Fathers, nine Hail Marys
and nine Glories.

🙏 Prayer to Saint Francis Xavier for Love🙏

Blessed are you Saint Francis, who because of your love for Jesus crossed borders and discovered new worlds. Allow me today to cross the barriers of loneliness and enter the deep sea of ​​unconditional love. Put in my life a true being, who enlightens my path with his charm, and makes my days a little more bearable. Let me recognize who is already here, and if not, give me signs to know who you will send. Amen.

🙏 Prayer to Saint Francis Xavier for Money🙏

I thank you, San Francisco, for everything successful this day; for allowing my plans to go as they should and for all the good things I got over, but I’m not ready to rest yet. Take away my bad thoughts and worries, especially those of material goods. See, San Francisco, that money is never lacking in my pocket; give me what is just and necessary that I will know how to manage, and help me to overcome, this stage of need.


🙏 Prayer for Health to Saint Francis Xavier🙏

San Francisco Javier, put your gaze on me. I am grateful for all the moments of good health that I have enjoyed and how far, thanks to her, I have come. But I feel that today that happiness is over, and I ask you to let me hold your hand, so that (Name of the person for whom one prays in the prayer. If it is for himself, use “I”) can regain the health to proclaim your faith.

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